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Where Will Tesla Build Their Next Gigafactory | EV-Trends

Tesla's Next Gigafactory Location - Sonara, Mexico

Mexican government has claimed that a new Tesla factory will be announced soon

Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard mentioned that Tesla should make an announcement soon, but he did not have an exact date. Tesla has been making inroads into Latin America with preparations to expand into Mexico. 

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been invited to Nuevo Leon and has been in talks with Mexican officials. The Mexican government is trying to make it attractive for companies like Tesla to invest by building a large solar project called "Sonara". 

Tesla is actively looking for land near Mexico City's Benito Juarez Airport, and it is possible that a new Gigafactory or specialized facility, such as a battery manufacturing plant, could be announced. 

On February 3, Tesla fans were shown a video of the company's new Mega Pack factory in Lathrop, California, which Tesla claims is the largest utility-scale battery factory in North America. The video shows the new Mega Pack 2 XL units, which are a larger and less expensive version of the original Mega Pack.

Where will Tesla's next Gigafactory be located? (Source)

The new factory will reportedly be built outside of Monterrey in Santa Catarina, within the Mexican border state of Nuevo León.

Yes, that's right. The Mexican government has expressed an interest in attracting companies like Tesla to invest and set up operations in the country. 

There have been talks between Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard and Tesla CEO Elon Musk about the possibility of Tesla building a factory in Mexico. 

The government is trying to make the country an attractive investment destination by building a large solar project called "Sonara". 

Tesla is reportedly looking for land near Mexico City's Benito Juarez Airport, and the company is expected to announce a new Gigafactory or specialized facility, such as a battery manufacturing plant, in the near future. 

The recent video of Tesla's new Mega Pack factory in California showcases the company's advancements in battery technology and hints at its plans to expand its operations globally (Source).

Tesla seeks to expand into Mexico as part of broader strategy of economic growth

Indeed, the Mexican government's efforts to attract companies like Tesla to invest and operate in the country are part of its broader strategy to promote economic growth and development. 

Recent talks between the foreign minister and Tesla's CEO, as well as the government's efforts to build a major solar project, demonstrate its strong commitment to this goal. In addition, Tesla's exploration of land near Mexico City's airport and its advancements in battery technology, as seen in the new Mega Pack factory, suggest that the company is interested in expanding its operations in the region and establishing a presence there. 

Reports are swirling with speculation about where Tesla will build its next Gigafactory, and a recent announcement may signal that Nuevo León, Mexico has won out. 

Discussions between Tesla and the state government are underway with the goal of finalizing all construction details by 2030, when the automaker expects to produce 20 million vehicles per year. This would make it the largest automaker in terms of production volume and could signal a shift in where cars will be made in the future.


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