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Scientists Scanned DNA of 8,000 People to See How Facial Features Are Controlled by Genes

Using 3-D facial images researchers have identified changes in the DNA that contribute to variation in facial features. Julie D. White, CC BY-SA Seth M. Weinberg, University of Pittsburgh and John R. Shaffer, University of Pittsburgh Takeaways A new study reveals more than 130 regions in human DNA play a role in sculpting facial features. The nose is the facial feature most influenced by your genes. Understanding the link between specific genes and facial features could be useful for treating facial malformations or for orthodontics. You might think it’s rather obvious that your facial appearance is determined by your genes. Just look in the family photo album and observe the same nose, eyes or chin on your grandparents, cousins and uncles and aunts. Perhaps you have seen or know someone with a genetic syndrome – that often results from a damaging alteration to one or more genes – and noticed the often distinctive facial features. You may be surprised to learn that until

Retro: how to install 3D Pinball Space Cadet in Windows 10

One of the best retro games can be played on Windows 10 and that is 3D Pinball Space Cadet, here is how you can do it. With Microsoft Windows we have seen many legendary games , and although many always remember Minesweeper or Solitaire , one of the most interesting Windows games of all is undoubtedly Full Tilt! Pinball , which brought back very interesting moments and memorabilia that we can never erase from our memory. That's why we show you how to play this title on your Windows 10 system , at least one of the pinball games you could play at this point, the so called 3D Pinball Space Cadet . 3D Pinball Space Cadet on Windows 10 To begin, what you will have to do is download a WinRAR file, which you can find on  this website , to be more precise, its the green link that says "3D Space Cadet executable file" in the Windows section . Now you only have to double click on the WinRAR file you just downloaded and select the "Run" option. Now everything is much eas

Five real cases of zombies around the world

Zombies today are a big part of our pop culture: The Walking Dead, Call of Duty, Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare, The Last of Us, ZNation, Resident Evil - there are countless games, movies and series featuring the living dead. Zombies really mess with the human imagination. The most bizarre thing is that in real life there are some cases similar to zombies, and technically we can actually call it zombification. Learn about five of these bizarre, yet real cases: 1. Zombie ants Imagine that you are walking in nature when you step on a spore of a fungus that controls minds and that spore sticks to your body - now, you have a pet parasite. This may seem out of this world, but it is not so far fetched. The fungi genus Ophiocordyceps, with emphasis on the most famous species, unilateralis, hijack the minds of carpenter ants. However, in the beginning, everything develops in a rather mundane way. The ant minds its own business, collecting leaves to feed its fungu

The story of a doctor that tried to prove the existence of the soul

In 1907, a doctor tried to prove the existence of the soul in a very strange way In the early 20th century, Duncan MacDougall, an American doctor tried to prove the existence of the soul in Massachusetts. His strange method required a few terminally ill people and some unsuspecting dogs. First of all, the doctor believed that the soul had physical mass and, therefore, it was possible to weigh it. His decision, then, was to weigh some people just before they passed away, and then weigh them again, after. The difference in weights would be the weight of the soul. Thus, MacDougall looked for patients in their final stages. These patients were weighed twice, before and after their 'souls' were disembodied. Terminally ill patients had tuberculosis or similar illnesses, so they used to be exhausted and immobile at the time of measurement. The doctor's strange method The doctor built large scales on the bed in his office for patients. One version of events points out that th

World's first Real Retractable Metal-Cutting Star Wars Lightsaber

A popular YouTuber has created the first working lightsaber that uses propane gas burning at around 4,000 degrees Celsius to generate a retractable plasma beam. Canadian James Hobson, known as "Hacksmith," has 10 million users and is dedicated to bringing science fiction to life. Invention of a retractable and Star Wars lightsaber Inspired by his love for Star Wars, he has created a variety of lightsabers, but he wants to create "the world's first retractable plasma" version. To do so, the Internet-famous engineer used liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), a fuel hidden in many sheds and often used to power barbecues. Housed in a custom-made backpack and piped to the device, they are more like early "primitive sabers" than the weapons used by Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Hobson said that these backpack-less designs are currently outside the scope of our technology because they require D-cell batteries that ca

Is the Sun Changing 2020? | A Decade of Sun

What cycle is the sun in currently? NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory -- SDO -- has been observing the Sun continuously for a full decade now.  From its orbit around the Earth in space, SDO has collected 425 million high-resolution images of the Sun over the past 10 years, accumulating 20 million gigabytes of data. Sun 2020 "This information has enabled us to make countless new discoveries about how our nearest star works and its impact on the solar system." SDO uses three instruments to take images of the Sun every 0.75 seconds. The Atmospheric Imaging Component alone takes images at 10 different wavelengths of light every 12 seconds. This 10-year time lapse shows images taken at 17.1 nanometers, an extreme ultraviolet wavelength that reveals the outermost layer of the solar atmosphere, the corona. By collating the photos every hour, the film condenses the decade of the sun to 61 minutes. The video shows the i

Five meters long, weighing 1.6 tons: researchers catch gigantic white shark

SA research team of the non-profit organization Ocearch has caught a giant great white shark in the Canadian province of New Brunswick . The colossus is the largest specimen of its kind ever discovered in the Northwest Atlantic. By taking blood samples, the researchers hope to gain knowledge about the ocean ecosystem . Researchers capture and tag 5.1816-meter great white shark OCEARCH is a non-profit organization that has made an unprecedented commitment to our ocean giants. The OCEARCH science team was able to tag, sample and release the beautiful white shark Nukumi, who will provide more data for 21 collaborative studies.  The project joins seven other white sharks tagged during the Nova Scotia Expedition, the 39th research expedition in Nova Scotia. #FactsOverFear Track Nukumi and other sharks in OCEARCH Global Shark Tracker for free in real time and learn more at . Researchers off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada, have discovered a huge great white shark