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This is what the entire Universe looks like in a photograph

Logarithmic scale conception of the observable Universe.
The observable Universe.
Do not you think its impressive? This is an illustrated logarithmic scale conception of the observable Universe with the Solar System at the center.

Surrounding the Solar System are the inner and outer planets, the Kuiper belt, the Oort cloud, the Alpha Centauri star, the Arm of Perseus, the Milky Way, the Andromeda galaxy, the cosmic network, cosmic microwave radiation, and the Invisible plasma produced by the Big Bang.

The image was created by the musician and artist Pablo Carlos Budassi, the image is massed in the logarithmic maps of the Universe made by researchers from Princeton University, as well as images produced by NASA based on observations made by their telescopes and space probes.

Princeton's team, led by astronomers J. Richard Gott and Mario Juric, based their logarithmic map on data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, which for the past 15 years has used a telescope at the Apache Point Observatory, to create the most detailed three-dimensional maps of the Universe so far, including spectra for more than 3 million astronomical objects.

Logarithmic maps are a very useful way to visualize something as inconceivably large as the observable Universe, because each axis increment increases by a factor of 10 instead of equal increments. The Princeton team published in 2005, but you can explore and download it here.

Despite its functionality, logarithmic maps are not visually very attractive, this is where Budassi's work makes it more palpable.

Pablo Carlos Budassi 

Head here for an enlarged version of the image of Budassi and below you can also see a different kind of cosmic visualization produced by astronomers at the University of Hawaii? This is from our Milky Way galaxy, in relation to 100,000 neighboring galaxies:


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