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How the disaster that has claimed the lives of more than 200 people in Indonesia has happened

The disaster in Indonesia, the slope of the volcano collapsed, and the tsunami wave was created. how the disaster that has claimed the lives of more than 200 people in Indonesia has happened.

More than 200 people have been killed in a tsunami that struck beaches in Indonesia's sunda region. Researchers believe that the tsunami is linked to sub-marine landslides caused by the eruption at Anak Krakatoa.
How such a phenomenon can occur? The volcanic eruption does not in itself create a tsunami. What happens is that a slope is formed on the fringes of the volcano. 

When a slope reaches a certain height, it becomes unstable. If it happens underwater, then there is an underwater surfing of the material, the margin of the mountain falling down, and this causes a particular wave that causes a tsunami.
Almost all the islands of Indonesia began as volcanoes.
Can such a disaster repeat itself?  This is not unique to Indonesia: "There are more such islands across the oceans - like in the Canary…

Measurements of material transition from Saturn's rings suggest the rings will disappear in 100m years

The Rings of Saturn 
New measurements of material transition from Saturn's rings to the planet itself suggest that the rings are likely to disappear completely in less than 100 million years
The rings around the planet Saturn are one of the most prominent symbols of the solar system, but a new study led by scientists from the US space agency (NASA) reveals that the rings are disappearing at an accelerated rate and may disappear completely within 100 million years - a short time in cosmic terms.

Saturn is surrounded by eight main rings, from about 70,000 miles to 170,000 kilometers. The width of the rings can reach thousands of kilometers, but are only 20 meters or less, and are mostly made up of ice crystals of various sizes - some microscopic and others can reach several meters.

Some of the crystals contain dust or simple organic molecules, which give the rings their characteristic shade. The planet itself, like most of the solar system, was formed about 4.5 billion years ago. 

It is …

NASA`S Voyager program Spacecraft Voyager 2 Begins Interstellar travel

While the probes have actually left the heliosphere, Voyager 1 as well as Voyager 2 have not yet left the planetary system, as well as will not be leaving anytime quickly.

The limit of the planetary system is thought about to be past the external side of the Oort Cloud, a collection of little things that are still drunk of the Sun's gravity.

The size of the Oort Cloud is not understood specifically, yet it is approximated to start at around 1,000 huge systems (AU) from the Sun and also to reach regarding 100,000 AU. One AU is the range from the Sun to Earth.

It will certainly take around 300 years for Voyager 2 to get to the internal side of the Oort Cloud and also perhaps 30,000 years to fly past it.

Along with the plasma information, Voyager's scientific research staff member have actually seen proof from 3 various other onboard tools-- the planetary ray subsystem, the reduced power billed bit tool as well as the magnetometer-- that follows the verdict that Voyager 2 has actu…

ANTIGUAN RACER - The Rarest Snake in the World

The Antiguan racer belongs to the colubridae snake family, that includes other racers and rat snakes.The racer is diurnal, indicating that it is on the move throughout the day time. The Antiguan racer hides in the course of the night time in a hidden den. ANTIGUAN RACER - The Rarest Snake in the World These kinds of serpents are harmless to people, and survive primarily on lizards. They are really ambush hunters, hiding themselves in ground cover until their preferred food, one of the area's lizard types, arrives within striking grasp. 

The slow-moving reptilian metabolic process allows the Antiguan racer to eat just once every 2 weeks.

The Antiguan racer keeps the somewhat unreliable distinction of being the rarest snake in the world. 

This snake is muted in colors with the males being darkened brown in color with off-white markings while the females are a silvery-grey with brown smudges. 

The female is noticeably bigger than the male, and her scalp is also bigger. 

The female can att…

Do real Flying Cars exist Today?

Since the onset of the 20th century when automobiles and airplanes were both invented almost simultaneously, talk of building a flying car began almost immediately. 

Though the concept seems simple at the time, each attempt ended in failure, still the dream was unshakable. 

The 1960s featured a flying car in the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, followed soon after by the futuristic Jetsons cartoon where George Jetson flew his vehicle to work every day the 70s and. 80s gave us more with Star Wars back to the future. now they're finally here

What is that is it a three-wheeled motorcycle no it's a helicopter and a flying car, it's the sleek and stylish pal v1, an amazing car and gyroplane hybrid from Dutch company pal V. on the road the two passenger pal V performs like a sports car accelerating from zero to 60 in just eight seconds. 

Leaning into turns like a well engineered motorcycle, and it's an off the chart driving experience. switching to airplane is surprisingly easy, w…

How can Astronomers Tell That the Universe is Expanding and Accelerating?

once you know the universe is expanding, you might wonder if it’s going to keep expanding somehow, or eventually stop and crunch in on itself because of the attractive force of gravity. 

Well, all you have to do is point your telescope at a distant galaxy, measure how fast it’s moving away from us, wait about a million years, and then do the same thing again to see if the galaxy is moving faster or slower than before.

But if you don’t have a million years to spare, here’s what you do. You look at different galaxies. Because light takes time to reach us, when we look at a galaxy far, far away, we see it as it was a long time ago. 

So looking at a bunch of galaxies different distances away is kind of a rough proxy for looking at the same one at different times. 

The light from the stars in a distant galaxy can tell us two basic things. First, its speed: light from anything moving away from you becomes redder in color (kinda like how police sirens get lower in pitch when moving away).
This r…

Stop Scratching! You are Making The itch much worse

Ever been nibbled by a mosquito, a blood sucker, or an arachnid? you most likely know the feel of an itching really good. 
For most people their automatic reaction is to scratch the area oh! that nice, awesome feeling of immediate relief, now you start to scratch again, and then it gets itchy over again, scientists call this the itch-scratch cycle. 

Scientists thought that an itch is just a like some kind of pain caused by irritation in the skin cells now, we know that their are itch-specific receptors that activate itch signals. 

Scientist can see an overlap in the nerves that transmit signals.

The sharp sensation of your nails on your skin stimulates certain pain receptors, and that sends pain signals to your brain that overwhelm the itch ones. scratching distracts your brain for a second. once pain signals come in, the brain responds by releasing the neurotransmitter serotonin to dull them.

Serotonin is best known as the happiness chemical, but it does various things throughout the body…

2018 Nobel Prize for Medicine awarded to James Allison and Tasuku Honjo for Discovering a Cancer Therapy

The 2018 Nobel Prize for medicine has been jointly awarded to James Allison of the University of Texas and Tasuku Honjo of Kyoto University, for discovering a cancer therapy that involves our immune system to attack tumors.

Their game-changing discoveries in cancer treatment involve harnessing and manipulating the immune system to fight cancer. 

"The seminal discoveries by the two laureates constitutes a paradigmatic shift and a landmark in the fight against cancer." 

They are the first Nobel Prize winners of the year, as medicine or physiology is the first of five categories to be given out this week. 

Their discoveries have created a billion-dollar market for new cancer medicines, especially offering new options for patients fighting against melanoma, lung and bladder cancers.
immunotherapy is going to be part, it's not going to replace all those others, but it's going to be part of the therapy that essentially all cancer patients are going to receive, be receiving in …

Why is it so difficult to Send a Spacecraft to the sun

NASA's Parker Solar Probe will soon fly closer to the Sun than any spacecraft before it-about 4 million miles from the visible surface. But getting that close to the Sun requires some fancy orbital mechanics. 
It takes 55 times more energy to go to the Sun than it does to go to Mars. Why is it so hard to get to the Sun?  

The answer is related to why Earth doesn't just fall straight into the Sun, despite the strong gravitational attraction. 

Earth, and everything on it, is traveling very fast-about 67,000 miles per hour-in a direction that is basically always sideways relative to the Sun. 

If you launch a rocket from Earth, straight toward the Sun, it won't lose that sideways speed, and so it will miss the Sun. 
The only way to get the rocket to go right into the Sun is to cancel all that sideways motion. Leave even a little bit and it will miss the Sun and enter a new orbit. To cancel Earth's motion, you have to launch the spacecraft backward as fast as Earth is hurtling …

How did we tell Time before Clocks were invented?

We check the time every day, all day long. But did you ever wonder - where did telling time come from? Why does it matter what time it is? Who determined the clock and why in the world are there so many different time zones?

The first form of telling time was the sundial and the earliest sundials known from the archaeological record are obelisks from nearly 5,000 years ago. Sundials indicate the time by casting a shadow onto a surface. 

The object that casts the shadow is a stick in the center known as a gnomon. A well-constructed sundial can measure time with remarkable accuracy, and sundials were used to monitor the performance of clocks until the modern era. 

But sundials have their limitations too. Obviously they require the sun to shine, so they don't work at all during the night when it's dark. 

Many different devices have been used over the years to estimate the passage of time: candles and sticks of incense that burn down at fairly predictable speeds have been used, alon…

What Materials are Smartphones made of The story behind Making Cell Phones

Gold, silver, and copper are actually just a few of the 70 or so chemical elements that make up the average smartphone. 

These can be divided into different groups, two of the most critical being rare earth elements and precious metals. 

Rare earths are a selection of 17 elements that are actually common in Earth’s crust and are found in many areas across the world in low concentrations. 

These elements have a huge range of magnetic, phosphorescent, and conductive properties that make them crucial to modern technologies. 

In fact, of the 17 types of rare earth metals, phones and other electronics may contain up to 16. In smartphones, these create the screen and color display, aid conductivity, and produce the signature vibrations, amongst other things.

And yet, crucial as they are, extracting these elements from the earth is linked to some disturbing environmental impacts. 

Rare earth elements can often be found, but in many areas, it’s not economically feasible to extract them due to low …