This multi-ton mechanical behemoth was designed to give us an insight into the realities of building bigger robots. Integrating and tuning such a complex system was a challenging feat, as big hydraulics and heavy frames posed many challenges.


SPIDER MECH is an incredible robot that has been making waves in the tech world. This amazing invention is a freelance robotic machine that is able to traverse land and obstacles with ease. Not only is its design top-notch, but it is also extremely practical. SPIDER MECH could someday become the missing link between infantry and artillery, providing increased safety for soldiers and giving them a technological edge in battle.

"We used a hexapod library to control how it moves, which has been used on much smaller hexarobots and works great. However, we realize that making the SPIDER MECH at full size would mean its parts cost approximately the same as those in its smaller scale models, making them not worth it. Moreover, its sheer size means it probably can't walk easily due to certain limits of physical materials." 

"To ensure stability during walking, we equipped it with large rubber-padded flat feet for alignment of its legs perpendicular to the ground - plus pointy or rounded feet would increase the risk of "twisting its ankle", being weak against angular forces."

"While finite element analysis (FEA) calculations are usually useful, they were impossible due to this unknown factor. We aren't ready to give up yet though - our goal is still for SPIDER CONTROLLER to stand up and walk slow but steadily soon!"