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Improve The Sound Quality Of Your Headphones With Xiaomi MIUI Settings

Xiaomi is one of the few smartphone manufacturers that developed a menu a few years ago where users can improve the audio quality of their wired headphones. Now we show you how you can improve the quality by using the sound effects menu in your headphones with presets found in your Xiaomi smartphone. Great tricks to improve the sound of the Xiaomi. Before MIUI 8, Xiaomi added a section where users can improve the sound quality of their headphones. This menu was developed by Xiaomi after they had released more than 5 types of wired headphones. This menu allows the user who has purchased one of their headphones to adjust it with a custom preset made by the company for those headphones. But to make the most of it, we don't need to use these presets with Xiaomi headphones. This menu works with all headphones that we use with a 3.5mm jack cable or USB Type C .   Sound quality headphones Xiaomi smartphone. Unfortunately these settings do not work with bluetooth headphone