A Borderlands 3 fan has lost all his painstakingly collected weapons and items due to an unfortunate glitch. But you can rely on the community to help him out with a touching gift campaign.

Borderlands 3 loot glitch.
Borderlands 3 loot glitch.

Imagine playing Borderlands 3 since the release and slowly finding everything you need. But then you suddenly lose all your equipment: weapons, items, everything gone.

This is exactly what evidently happened to a Borderlands 3 player who complained about his misery on the Borderlands 3 subreddit.
But the rollercoaster ride of emotions doesn't end here: The community helps the fan out and virtually pours loot over him to make up for the loss.

Glitch makes Borderland's 3-fan lose his entire loot

Nasty surprise: Reddit user Jimmy2times13 reports in Borderlands 3-Subreddit that he logged in as usual, only to find in horror that his entire inventory stock and the bank had been emptied. Apparently a glitch cost him all weapons, artifacts, class mods and shields.

The borderlands glitch was actually patched: The problem is well known and is actually considered fixed. Shortly after the release Borderlands 3 fans complained about it, but in the meantime the glitch shouldn't happen anymore thanks to several patches. But apparently it still does.

The FL4K player writes on Reddit that he wants to leave the game for a while.

I've been playing these games since day one. It really is my favorite franchise. I was almost done with everything for this character and I was going to start a Zane playthrough tomorrow... I was really ready for the DLC with my character.

Borderlands 3 is especially exciting with its never-ending loot options, which of course makes it even more annoying when suddenly everything is gone.

Borderlands 3 community helps him with emotional gift campaign.

Is it Christmas already? Because so many Borderlands 3 fans can understand the anger and disappointment, they have started to help Jimm2times13 out of a jam. Via PSN a lot of items and weapons arrived one after the other. Also from many FL4K players, who even gave the right weapons.

Touching action & reaction: The so richly donated Borderlands 3 player shows his gratitude in a follow-up post on Reddit. He even promises to return the favor and to farm extra weapons for his supporters. An all around positive pre-Christmas story - apart from the annoying glitch of course.

How the community helped the player. Under the original post, many other Borderlands players responded to Jimmy's problem. They asked about his PSN contact and offered to send him some weapons. FL4K players who pursued a similar build to Jimmy were also there and offered the right weapons.