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18 photos documenting the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster

On April 26, 1986, a nuclear reactor in the territory of Ukraine, which was then part of the former Soviet Union, failed. As a result of that severe systemic failure, the reactor core was melted, and radioactive materials released from it were scattered everywhere, first to the environment close to the reactor, and then to almost every continent in Europe.  As a result , thousands of people have been killed - either directly or indirectly.  At the time, such a scenario might sound like science fiction, but today we all know that this happened in reality, at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant near the city ofPripyat in northwestern Ukraine , and the case is known as the Chernobyl disaster. 
In fact, this nuclear accident has been considered the most serious of its kind since they began using nuclear energy, and to date there is a ban on humans entering the area within a radius of 30 km from the reactor's whereabouts. 
Romain veillon, revealing the horrific ruins of the city of Pripyat, …

Electronic cigarette Missouri "vaping related deaths"

Past 24 hours Electronic cigarette Missouri Sep 17, 2019.
FDA introduces criminal investigation of vape related health problems, US Congress to hold hearing.8th death connected to vaping as diseases rise around the United States.Missouri citizen is first in state, 8th across the country to pass away from vaping related disease.United States health authorities have actually now validated there are 530 verified cases. 7 deaths from serious lung-related diseases connected to vaping, no indications the break out is stopping.

News articles Sep 17 at 12:00 PM ‬‪Sep 18 at 3:00 PM ‬‪Sep 19 at 6:00 PM‬ RELATED NEWS
WFTV Orlando Missouri man is first in state, eighth nationwide to die from vaping-related.  WFTV Orlando - 6 hours ago. Eighth death linked to vaping as illnesses surge around the United States • 2 hours ago
WPSD Local 6 Missouri records first vaping-related death WPSD Local 6 • 6 hours ago

Los Angeles Times US vaping illnesses top 500; Missouri man is the eighth death Los Angel…

Report: Google Will Unveil The Pixel 4 in Mid-October

Google Pixel 4 in OctoberGoogle`s high-end smartphone will feature a new screen, dual main camera and, ultra-high display refresh rate that will make a noticeable speed difference. It will be unveiled on October 15, along with a mobile gaming service.Google is expected to host the Pixel 4 unveiling event in the middle of next month(October).

According to sources, the event will be held on October 15 and, alongside the phone, new online services will also be featured.

The Pixel 4 is expected to include a 6.23-inch screen in the XL version and, 5.7-inch in its base version.

The processor will be the Snapdragon 855 and, not the plus version launched in Samsung's Note 10, which is slightly weaker but still considered one of the fastest on the market.

Both devices will have 2K resolution screens, six gigabytes of memory and, camera enhancements.

For the first time in the series, the pixel will receive a dual sensor, with the extra lens used for zoom photography.
Pixel 4 image leaked to n…

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2019 (London's Natural History Museum's)

For more than fifty years this has actually drawn in the world's absolute best professional photographers, biologists and young professional photographers. 
There has actually never ever been a more vital time for audiences all over the world to experience our impactful and motivating exhibit," Tim Littlewood, Director of Science at the Natural History Museum.
50,000 entries from amateur and expert professional photographers throughout 100 nations were submitted to, of which the total winners will be revealed on October 15, 2019.

"Photography has a special capability to stimulate discussion, dispute and even action. 
After the awards event, the images will be shown at London's Natural History Museum from October 18 and will later on be showcased on a worldwide trip.
Credit: Eduardo Del Álamo/ Wildlife Professional Photographer of the Year 2019. A gentoo penguin flees for its life as a leopard seal break out of the water. 
Credit: Adrian Hirschi/Wildlife Photographer of the …

Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope Mission and Key Technologies (WFIRST space telescope)

Wide field infrared survey telescope is designed to answer big questions about the universe:  What is dark energy, which seems to be speeding up The expansion of the universe? How many planets exist among the Stars, and what are they like?  WFIRST is similar to Hubble, but benefits from 30 years of technological development. It will view the sky on a scale never before accomplished from space.
The Primary mirror This is where WFIRST is closest to Hubble. The same size and type of main mirror, a 2.4-meter precisely shaped piece of silver-coated glass.  The size of this mirror is partly how WFIRST matches Hubble’s resolution.
Wide Field Instrument 
The Wide field infrared survey telescope main camera is the Wide Field Instrument which will take infrared pictures of the sky to study dark energy, observe galaxies and stars, and find exoplanets. 
Instead of Hubble’s single first-generation image sensor, the WFI incorporates 18 third-generation chips that allow it to take pictures capturing 100 tim…

Amazon Forest On Fire 2019 (NASA Satellite Data)

With the 2019 fire season in the Amazon approaching its midpoint, scientists using NASA satellites to track fire activity have confirmed an increase in the number and intensity of fires in the Brazilian Amazon in 2019, making it the most active fire year in that region since 2010.Amazon forest on fire 2019
Fire activity in the Amazon varies considerably from year-to-year and month-to-month, driven by changes in economic conditions and climate. 
August 2019 stands out because it has brought a noticeable increase in large, intense, and persistent fires burning along major roads in the central Brazilian Amazon, explained Douglas Morton, chief of the Biospheric Sciences Laboratory at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. 
While drought has played a large role in exacerbating fires in the past, the timing and location of fire detections early in the 2019 dry season are more consistent with land clearing than with regional drought.

“Satellites are often the first to detect fires burning in remo…