99 million-year-old ant found in amber eating a cockroach

The fossil shows the "ant from hell" eating its prey: a cockroach
Scientists in Myanmar found a 99 million year old "hell ant" with scythe-like jaws.also known as haidomyrmecine, the insect was found inside an amber tree, where it was kept over centuries, while eating its fatal victim: a cockroach. The new fossil not only reveals how this type of ant captured its prey, but also reveals part of the insect's evolution.

Researchers from the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the University of Rennes in France published their findings last week in the journal Current Biology, and the news was picked up by The Sun.

The amber found allows us to know what the predatory strategy of the "hell ant" looked like. Credit: Current Biology

The fossil is conserved in an excellent state and allows us to get to know this recently identified prehistoric ant species better. It also shows how these "hell ants" were the…

What are the major characteristics of philosophy

7 characteristics of philosophy  Philosophy is a doctrine that encompasses a great deal of logical and methodological studies that seek to answer questions of interest to human beings such as existence, truth or knowledge.

A great deal of humanist and scientific knowledge has emerged from philosophy, which has been of vital importance for the development of humanity and for providing answers to an infinite number of existentialist questions and doubts, among others.

The main characteristics of the philosophy are presented below.
Universality Philosophy encompasses a large number of branches of knowledge in order to build a general and common idea of the truth of the universe that can be understood by all people.

For this reason, philosophy makes use of various areas of study in order to complement this concept in a reasonable way so that it can promote its subsequent criticism. For this reason, mysticisms or superstitions are not taken into account.
Critical knowledge Based on reason…

Dilhan Eryurt "Google Doodle" | First Turkish NASA scientist

Dilhan Eryurt honored with a "Google Doodle"Dilhan Eryurt was a Turkish astrophysicist. Eryurt was the first Turkish scientist to work for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). She founded the Department of Astrophysics at the Middle East Technical University (METU) in Ankara and was Dean of the Faculty of Science and Literature at METU.

Life of Dilhan EryurtEryurt was born in Izmir in 1926 as the daughter of the politician Abidin Ege, who represented the Denizli Province as a deputy in the Turkish Grand National Assembly in 1944 and was also Under Secretary of State in the Ministry of Agriculture. 

Eryurt first attended elementary school and later a secondary school for girls. There she developed a special interest in mathematics and after graduating from high school she started studying at the Department of Mathematics and Astronomy at Istanbul √úniversitesi and specialized in astronomy during her studies. 

After graduating in 1946, she worked for two year…

Olympic skater Ekaterina Alexandrovskaya dies at the age of 20

Ekaterina Alexandrovskaya, an Olympic skater, died in her 20sFigure skater Ekaterina Alexandrovskaya, who was born in Russia but competed for Australia in the 2018 Olympics, died at age 20 in Moscow, the International Skating Union (ISU) reported Saturday.

"The ISU is shocked by the news of Ekaterina's death," ISU President Jan Dijkema said in a statement posted on the organization's website."She was a talented skater and the figure skating community will miss her. We offer our sincere condolences to her family, friends and teammates and we mourn this tragic loss.
Ekaterina Alexandrovskaya Details of her death are unknown at this time.In 2016, Alexandrovskaya partnered with Harley Windsor of Australia as a figure skater.Windsor published a photo of the pair on Instagram and wrote: "Words cannot describe how I feel at this moment, I am devastated and deeply grieved by Katia's sad and sudden death. What we accomplished as a team is something I can never for…

SlothBot: little robot sloth that will help save ecosystems at risk

Here is SlothBot, a new technological tool that could be used to save some of the most threatened species of the Planet.A small robot that moves slowly through the trees imitating the sloth's lifestyle to observe and monitor the surrounding environment: 

Printed entirely in 3D.SlothBot was developed by the Georgia Institute of Technology's robotics engineers.Inspired by the slowness of sloths, their lifestyle and the way they move.

SlothBot video: Title 67 characters Georgia Tech deploys SlothBot in Atlanta Botanical Garden - YouTube Description 160 characters For the next few months, visitors to the Atlanta Botanical Garden’s Canopy Walk will be able to watch the testing of a new high-tech tool in the battl...
SlothBot is a robot about one and a half meters long, programmed to observe nature while remaining still in the trees, without disturbing the animals living nearby and integrating into the environment.While lingering between the leave…

Space News | Black Hole Mystery Runaway Star

Space News: Two years ago, astronomers watched in bewilderment as the corona of a supermassive black hole quickly disappeared from view, only to reappear months later. New research suggests that the strange event was caused by a runaway star.

Space News - The remnants of a runaway star.Because black holes can't be studied directly, scientists often observe their eating habits to learn what these giants are doing. So, when a black hole suddenly stops eating gas altogether - and then suddenly starts eating again, and is hungrier than ever. 

What does this mean?
The first clues, of which there was something, came from observations made by two large survey programs that scan the skies. Those early glimpses prompted scientists to recruit some X-ray observatories to get a better idea of what was happening in that patch of sky.The research is described in an article published in The Astrophysical Journal Letters on July 16.

Video: The corona of the black hole disappears during an event that …

Scientists Have Found A Key Factor In Slowing Aging

The results of a study by British and German scientists showed that maintaining a normal level of iron in the blood can be a key factor in slowing down aging and increasing life expectancy. The work was published in the journal Nature Communications.

Researchers may have discovered the secret to slower aging processScientists believe they may have revealed the secret of slowing down the aging process by discovering a previously unknown fragment of the genetic code.From trying to prevent wrinkles to trying to keep our bodies healthy as we age, the search for brakes in rapid aging continues.But researchers believe they've made a key discovery in the quest for a longer, healthier life.A team of scientists from the University of Edinburgh and the Gerkin Institute of Aging Biology at the Max Planck Institute for Ageing Biology in Germany found a link between high iron levels in the blood and the aging process.Using genetic data from more than a million people, the researchers have tried…