The Baltic states have long been concerned about their security and the potential for conflict with their large neighbor, Russia. In light of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, which has seen Russian military intervention and the annexation of Crimea, the Baltic states have taken steps to strengthen their defense capabilities.

Here are some of the measures that the Baltic States have taken to increase their defense:

Increased defense spending: All three Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania) have increased their defense spending in recent years. They have set a target of spending 2% of their GDP on defense, as required by NATO. This has allowed them to invest in modernizing their armed forces and purchasing new equipment, such as anti-tank weapons, drones, and air defense systems.

NATO deployments

The Baltic states have welcomed the deployment of NATO forces on their territory as a deterrent against potential Russian aggression. In 2017, NATO established four battle groups in the region, each consisting of about 1,000 troops from various member countries. These forces are designed to respond quickly to any potential threat.

Cyber defense

The Baltic States have also recognized the importance of cyber defense in modern warfare. They have invested in developing their capabilities in this area, including establishing a joint cyber defense unit and conducting regular exercises to test their readiness.

The Baltic States have also been working to prepare their civilian population for the possibility of conflict. They have developed emergency response plans and held regular drills to ensure that people know what to do in the event of an attack.

International cooperation

Finally, the Baltic States have been working to build relationships with other countries to strengthen their security. They have developed close ties with countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Poland, and have participated in joint military exercises with these countries.

Increased military cooperation in the Baltic Sea region

In conclusion, the Baltic States have taken a range of measures to increase their defense capabilities in the face of potential conflict with Russia. While they hope that such a conflict will never occur, they are prepared for any eventuality and are working to ensure the safety and security of their citizens.