Ukraine is set to receive Abrams, Leopards and other tanks from the U.S. and its allies, greatly altering the dynamics of the war along the front lines. The Wall Street Journal looks into how the vehicles coming in from the West will Compare with Russia's tanks on Ukraine's battlefields.

Are Western tanks better than Russian?

It is indeed intriguing that the Bradley and Abrams battle tanks, which have been deployed in the Middle East for two decades now, are being tested against their counterparts--T72s--in Eastern Europe. This is a unique opportunity to evaluate how well they perform in an environment they were manufactured to fight in.

American tanks have a range of features that give them an advantage in certain areas, including their safe storage of ammunition, protective blowout panels in the rear turret, and thermal imaging capabilities. This means that even if the tank is hit with smoke, the thermal imaging will still allow for visibility. Such advantages mean that experienced crew members can remain in action for longer, thus giving the US a decisive advantage over less experienced crews.