Ameca Humanoid Robot AI Platform.
Ameca Humanoid Robot AI Platform

This is not computer generated imagery! The Ameca robot is an advanced humanoid robot from Engineered Arts. Designed as a platform for AI and human robot interaction (HRI). 

The platform will be exhibited at #ces2022. More information is available at

British scientists have unveiled the most advanced humanoid robot in the world. Known as Ameca, the machine's facial movements are terrifyingly realistic. 

Engineered Arts developed it and it was displayed on YouTube. It is still being developed and so the company declined to say how much it cost.

Video: Ameca Humanoid Robot AI Platform

I find this to be the most human-like robot expression I've ever seen. I'm also quite amazed by the hands, too. I find it funny to think that people will look at this in a few years and say it's old tech.

Providing a platform for the future

Ameca is a humanoid robot platform specifically designed to be a platform for future robotics development.

A new generation of human-shaped robots: Ameca is the world's most advanced. Research into humanoid robotics led to the development of the Ameca hardware, a technological advancement based on advanced science.

Grey-coloured skin makes Ameca appear gender-neutral and racially unprejudiced:

“The reason for making a robot that looks like a person is to interact with people. The human face is a very high bandwidth communication tool, and that’s why we built these expressive robotics,” said Will Jackson, CEO of Engineered Arts.

Although Ameca can stand and move like a human, it hasn't mastered walking yet, but Engineered Arts plans to fix that as soon as possible. Sooner or later, Ameca will walk down the street, waving at you and smiling at you.

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