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Master Chief will not appear in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, according to 'Halo' dev team.

THE FINAL CHARACTER Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
THE FINAL CHARACTER! Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

In a matter of hours, Nintendo Star Smash director Masahiro Sakurai will announce the final fighter for the Nintendo Switch game. On the eve of the announcement, speculation reached an all-time high, but one potential fighter has apparently been revealed: the Master Chief will not appear in the game. Junyszek played along with a viral tweet claiming that the last fighter in Smash Bros. Ultimate would be a character in the last game played by users. " and then went on to say "(aka it won't happen, but it will be sick)."

This news is sure to disappoint many Halo fans! The character is easily one of the biggest icons in gaming, and even though he's never appeared in a Nintendo game, this would make him perfect for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Some fans weren't sure if they should trust Junyszek, and some even questioned whether the community manager would know this information. Junyszek said 343 Industries will be watching closely when it comes to collaborations and will definitely be aware of Microsoft and Nintendo's Master Chief program.

We've been doing crossover games (Sea of Thieves, Fortnite, etc.). Through partnerships like this, the two teams (us and them) work closely together to ensure that crossover games fit naturally in their worlds while remaining true to the original and respectful of the design, Junyszek replied.

Microsoft currently has two fighters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Banjo & Kazooie and Steve. when it comes to characters from companies other than Nintendo, there are multiple publishers with three representatives, including Capcom and Square Enix. a different Microsoft character could make the cut (Doom Slayer has long been rumors), or it could come from a different publisher altogether. Fans will just have to watch tomorrow's demo to find out who the final characters will be!

#ThankYouSakurai is gaining traction across social media prior to the reveal of the latest Smash Bros. fighter

We are approaching a very important moment in the history of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Not only will this be the final fighter reveal, but it will also likely be the last time Masahiro Sakurai will work on Nintendo's All-Star fighting series. 

 Regardless of who the final character is tomorrow, one thing every fan should be thankful for is Sakurai's dedication to the series over the years, and of course his efforts on the latest entry.

Final character predictions for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: only one more DLC fighter to be announced. Which one could it be? Sora, Master Chief, DOOM Slayer, Crash Bandicoot, Waluigi? we take a look at the craziest fan predictions.

On Tuesday, October 5, 2021, an era ends: that of speculation, theories, fantasies and (false) leaks of new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate characters. Director Masahiro Sakurai will broadcast a presentation of the game at 16:00 CEST, with the announcement of the latest DLC character. 

As with previous "Mr. Sakurai presents" (most recently, Tekken's Kazuya after E3), the game director will show in detail all of the fighter's moves, demonstrate the new stage, new music and Mii costumes, in a live broadcast lasting approximately 40 minutes.
As he has said in the past, this DLC character will be the last character to be added to the game, and there will be no more content updates in the future for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The mega fighting crossover launched in December 2018 with 69 characters, and has since received two season passes that have added 11 more characters. In total, there are more than 30 franchises represented, from both Nintendo and third parties.

Who will be the 82nd fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

The 82nd fighter will be the last, so fans only have hours left to try to guess, a habit that has always happened in the history of the saga, but especially the last decade, since the announcement of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U / 3DS in 2013, there has been new Super Smash Bros. content uninterrupted.

With the final shelving of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's post-launch content, and the uncertain future of the series (Sakurai doesn't think there could be another Smash Bros. game in the future), it's anyone's guess when we'll see the words "New Challenger Approaching!" again.

Masahiro Sakurai Smash Bros.

Therefore, allow us to indulge in one last list of predictions, reviewing the most rumored, demanded and fantasized characters that could be presented on Tuesday.

We have chosen the characters most talked about by fans, weighing the pros and cons... although it is highly possible that the character we finally see will have nothing to do with them. Still, it's free to dream...


Super Smash Bros Sora
The Kingdom Hearts protagonist would be one of the most prestigious additions to the crossover, winning the favor of thousands of fans. It would be a culmination, close the game in a big way, it is very popular and it would be very easy to make a moveset full of possibilities. And they've collaborated with Square Enix before.

It would be practically impossible to obtain licenses for Disney worlds and characters , so the representation of Kingdom Hearts would be lame. Also, another swordsman?

Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot
Like Sora, it would be a culmination, since he is one of the most demanded and loved characters in the history of video games. It would bring color and diversity to a roster with too many human characters, and it could have some really fun moves.

He is a Western character, and there are very few Smash characters from games that do not come from Japan (four: Diddy, King K. Rool, Banjo and Steve from Minecraft). There have been rumors, but taken by the tweezers.

Master Chief

Master Chief Halo Smash Bros

In favor: Having an icon like the Halo saga in Smash would further round out the selection as a tribute to the history of video games . Nintendo and Microsoft have been flirting a lot (two Smash characters, Banjo and Steve, are from Microsoft, albeit indirectly).

It could even be leveraged by Microsoft to help promote Halo Infinite, and the entire Xbox brand, in Japan, a market in which they have never taken off. To be able to recreate "Haloid", a Samus against Master Chief, would be a dream, and it could have very interesting movements.

Against: Western character, and unpopular with Japanese players. Aesthetically it does not match much with the world of Samash (although that is not usually a problem). It would be hard to imagine him jumping at the speed at which Smash moves... but hey, there's Snake too.Pro: It has been one of the most popular requests in recent years, and even Bethesda has talked about the possibility. The entire DOOM saga is on Switch, and that it's now from Microsoft shouldn't pose a problem. Unlike other shooters, he's a very agile character. And they could take advantage of the meme that joins DOOM Slayer with Cinnamon...

Against: Western, of course, although DOOM, like Halo, is known worldwide. It's a too gore saga: Bayonetta and Metal Gear are also PEGI 18, but they're not as beastly as DOOM's world.


Pro: After Ridley, King K. Rool and Banjo, Super Mario RPG's Geno is another of the most in-demand Nintendo world characters. Sakurai loves classic characters, and even came close to including him in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Cons: He's already present in the game as a Mii suit, and there's an unwritten rule that characters that come out as Mii skins or helpers can't be "promoted" to fighters. 

Characters affected by this rule include Isaac from Golden Sun, Monster Hunter's Hunters, Waluigi, the Rabbids, Shantae, Dante from the Devil May Cry series, Dixie Kong, Knuckles, Sans, Toad, Vault Boy....

However, if Nintendo were to break this rule? we bet it would be with Geno.

Ryu Hayabusa

Pro: This one is Japanese! Plus, from a retro saga that's still more or less popular today. It would be easy to transfer his moves to Smash (Sheik is basically a ninja), and it would be an indirect way to reference another popular fighting saga, Dead or Alive. Still no representation of anything from Tecmo, and Tomonobu Itagaki liked the idea.

Cons: Not a particularly groundbreaking choice if they're looking to end on a high impact... though perhaps that was never Nintendo's intention. Another spacachin, hardly distinguishable from other characters in the game.


Pro: Another iconic character from video game history, like Crash, who would bring a lot of color to the game and could have some very original moves. Forever one of the most frequent requests in Smash history. There is already representation from Ubisoft with the Mii suits of the Rabbids and Altair from Assassin's Creed... but strangely, not from Rayman.

Cons: The same as with Crash, but amplified: it's less iconic than Crash, fairly irrelevant in Japan, and has been forgotten even by Ubisoft itself.


Pro: The most iconic character from Mortal Kombat, one of the most popular and best-selling fighting sagas worldwide. Sakurai loves to adapt mechanics and combos from fighting games to Smash (Street Fighter, The King of Fighters, Tekken...) Imagine how cool it would be to play Smash with Mortal Kombat music!

Against: Western, and also very gore: it's hard to imagine Scorpion piercing Mario's face (although it's true that Nintendo is not afraid to put very violent imagery in the trailers: when Sephiroth almost skewered Mario or when they literally killed Luigi in Simon Belmont's trailer).

Phoenix Wright

Pro: One of the most demanded, but also one of the most unexpected and strange to see in a fighting game. It would be quite a coup, and he's a cult character who also just released a game of his Ace Attorney saga worldwide. Capcom has collaborated with Smash before, and the lawyer was already a fighter in Ultimate vs Capcom 3!

Against: Phoenix Wright is not a natural fighter, and while it would be possible to make him fight, it would strain Sakurai's imagination, who tends to prefer fighters with a bit more "experience" in action.

Professor Layton

Pro: Strangely, Level 5 franchises have had no representation at all in Smash: no skins, assists, music or trophies, even though Yokai Watch, Inazuma Eleven, Ni no Kuni or Layton have been huge, especially on DS and 3DS. 

Professor Hershal Layton is the most popular and endearing... and besides, he's an expert fencer, and could even call his daughter Katrielle as a skin or echo character.

Against: Level 5 is not having its best moment right now. Their IPs have been absent from Smash and it's rare that that would change at the last minute. And like Phoenix Wright, it's hard to imagine him in a fighting game.

New 8th generation Pokémon

Pro: Pokémon is one of Nintendo's most popular sagas, and the best part is that each fighting Pokémon is different from the last. The most modern Pokémon in the game is Incineroar, from the seventh generation, Sun and Moon, so we could expect a Sword and Shield Pokémon.

Sirfetch'd (another swordsman), Zarude (something between Donkey and Diddy Kong), Cinderace (karate-style) or Toxtricity could work very well as fighters.

Cons: It would be somewhat anticlimactic for the final character of the game to be from a saga with such a large representation in the series (as happened with Byleth in Fighters Pass 2). Fans want something new!


Pro: Fortnite's "protagonist" would add representation from one of the most popular games ever to Smash Bros. And they said Minecraft was impossible! Plus, as with Minecraft, it could incorporate building mechanics into the game.

Cons: Beyond the building mechanic, it would be hugely limited in moves. Also, Nintendo already gave “pumpkins” to Fortnite, refusing to include Samus Aran.

Zelda Breath of the Wild

Pro: Thematically, it would make sense for the last character to return to where he started, Nintendo. There are very few first party characters left that deserve to be in the game, but Zelda Breath of the Wild has created a whole new universe of characters that could work.

Breath of the Wild has been Nintendo's best game in years, and "deserves this honor". Daru, Mipha, Revali and Urbosa are very different characters, with a huge amount of moves, and they're charismatic to boot. Impa, with the powers from Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity, would be another option.

Against: Who do you choose, four characters in one, do you stick with one in particular, do you limit yourself to Impa, and again, being a character from a saga already so well represented in the game, it would be a bit disappointing.


Pro: Hades has been one of the biggest hits on Nintendo Switch, where he was exclusive for a year. It's a character full of moves from a game that everyone loves, and it would add a lot of diversity to the game, besides being the only indie with a fighter.

Cons: It's practically impossible, because when the game came out the characters would have been decided long before. Still... What if we get a Zagreus Mii suit?

What if it's none of these?

If something has been repeated all these years is that predictions and "leaks" have never been right. It's true the predictions are so varied that sometimes they come true, as happened with Minecraft but absolutely no one imagined that Sakurai would rescue ARMS for Min Min, or that Tekken, which was already represented with Mii suits, would bring Kazuya.

While many of these choices are possible, the game's choices have been unpredictable. Also, Sakurai reminds us that it's not up to him to decide who goes in and out, and all the fighters have been chosen since the DLCs were first proposed years ago.

Be that as it may, don't miss the presentation of the latest DLC character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Tuesday, October 5 at 16:00 CEST. What's your prediction?


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