Violinist reveals a beautiful way to stop a Kitten from crying when she plays Music

The musician discovered his kitten's love for classical music after he started putting his cat in a tramp's bag while she practiced playing the violin. Esther Abrami, a French classical violinist, had problems with the music because her cat Remila does not like being left alone on the floor.

The classical musician found an ingenious way to prevent the cat from interrupting the play - putting the kitten in a bag while playing.

In Rémil's film Rémil falls asleep quickly and safely, while Abrami plays Gabriel Faure's Apres Un Reve violin.

It seems that Rémila has followed the advice of the French composer's piece - which has everything to do with sleeping and sleeping well.

Rémila was abandoned but saved by the Féli-Cité Association, where Abrami works.

"I am pleased to say that after 7 days of bottles of milk and constant hugs, Rémila became one of the nicest cats I have ever seen."

The lovely movie received over 400,000 views on social networking sites and users admired both his melodious music and his sleeping kitten.

One of the people said: "Two fantastically relaxing things, Esther, one is her fun and the other is watching the sleeping kitten."

Another comment: "You make a beautiful sound and how sweet it is to have a kitten cuddled like that."

Other social media users reacted with their own videos, showing their own animals in a transfix while watching Abrami's movie playing the violin.

The violinist plays the beautiful Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume violin, borrowed from the Beare's International Violin Society, according to her website.