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Where should I put my Internet modem in my house?

No matter what company or package we have contracted with, we have all at some point complained about the internet signal. Some of us have tried all the companies and still consider the network and therefore the signal to be poor.

Picture showing best Location to place the modem for the best wifi signal.
Does it matter where I put my modem?

What we often don't think about is that maybe it's not just external factors that are affecting our signal. Sometimes the problem could be coming from our home, in particular from the place where we have our modem (router).

The best place to put the modem

You should know that there are three main things that can diminish the intensity of our wifi signal, these are the walls, the metal and the water.

Wi-Fi signal sources of interference.
Wi-Fi signal sources of interference.

Without realizing it, we place the modem near a wall, fish tank or some metal object. For example, it is common to find the router near a fish tank or a lamp.

But also the electromagnetic waves emitted by some appliances, can affect the signal, the microwave is a clear example.

And although many think that placing the router near the window is the best option to receive a better signal, this turns out to generate the opposite, since this way it will escape to the street.

Where to put the modem or router?

Place the router in the center of the house and as high as possible. But it is important to take into account some other suggestions so that you can have a quality wifi signal.

Amplifiers: This can be a tool for you to take the signal and then distribute it better, just like with television.

An old modem can serve as an amplifier of the signal; although you should investigate on the Internet if your type and model can be used as an amplifier.

Other options would be: wifi coverage extenders, which you only have to connect and that's it. Or use a modular wifi network system.

Details you should not miss

The modem signal can be affected by interference from other wifi routers in the vicinity; using applications such as inSSIDEr or NetSpot can help.

Both will be able to suggest the most suitable place to place the modem, after analyzing the routers or obstacles that may be generating problems.

  • Properly configuring the modem will help improve the wifi signal, as this may prevent other users from "hanging up on your connection". Don't forget to include a password when configuring it.

It is essential to use WPA2 encryption and keep the software updated with the latest security patches.

If your wifi signal is constantly failing and you've thought about changing companies, you could put these recommendations into practice.

5 GHz vs 2.4 GHz

Finally, we should remember that the 5 GHz network is much faster than the 2.4 GHz network, but it also loses much more signal with distance, walls and other intermediate elements. 

Therefore, if the 5 GHz network does not work well in the most distant rooms, we will have to opt for the 2.4 GHz network which, although it has less speed, will give us greater coverage.