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DOOM: make the game work in a pregnancy test

Playing DOOM on strange devices is basically an everyday thing, but being able to play DOOM on a pregnancy test is something nobody expected.

The game Doom played on a pregnancy test
DOOM on a pregnancy test.

All players know that DOOM can basically be played on anything that has a screen. Thanks to that, we have seen things like DOOM on a calculator, a printer, a touch screen bar on a Mac, and many, many other things.

Now it seems that the community has outdone itself by managing to run DOOM in a way that no one could have imagined.

Playing DOOM on a pregnancy test

When you think of something crazy that DOOM can do, the first thing you think of is probably some office device or machine with a medium color screen. That's exactly what made someone play that title at an ATM.

But what nobody expected was that we would be able to play DOOM on the small black and white screen of a pregnancy test.

We don't know how someone came up with the idea of playing this title on this little screen, but it certainly has to do with the fact that there are people who think having a child is basically a judgment of doom and death of all hope, while others see babies as little demons

Anyway, it's an impressive achievement that you can even see the game on this small screen, but I suppose it was only a matter of time before it became reality.

Now that we have seen DOOM perform a pregnancy test, the big question is what can be done to overcome this. 

Certainly it is now possible to perform it on ever larger screens, although I'm not so sure that this can be half as amazing as what we just saw here

By the way, in "DOOM Eternal" you can play the original DOOM, so the game will run by itself.