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Apple ordered from Samsung displays for folding iPhone

Samsung has been selling folding smartphones with flexible displays for about a year. In 2020, Samsung released two new models in different shapes - Galaxy Z Flex and Galaxy Z Fold2. Huawei has a similar model. Apple was the only smartphone manufacturer among the top three that didn't release a folding gadget yet.
Apple foldable phone.
Apple foldable phone.

Apple foldable phone

The situation is likely to change soon: according to rumors that appeared in August, Apple is already working on a prototype of the foldable iPhone. According to information published in the Chinese social network Weibo, a California company has placed a large order for Samsung screens for flexible smartphones.

Samsung is reportedly supplying foldable screens to other companies as well. In recent years, the South Korean company has been one of the key suppliers of OLED displays for Apple's flagship smartphones.

According to some reports, Apple may officially unveil a foldable iPhone (or will it be an iPad?) Next year. It is reported that the device will have two independent display panels, which, thanks to a unique design, will look like one.

Samsung shipping its folding display technology to other companies, including Apple. 

  • Now, with the latest leak, it seems that Apple has started testing folding devices.
  • Samsung is a supplier of OLED display panels for Apple iPhones.
As Samsung Display is one of the market leaders in folding displays, the company now hopes to dominate the market by increasing its production capacity to 10 million units per year.

The foldable iPhone is designed to have a single continuous display when open, rather than appearing as two separate display panels.

The foldable iPhone could be launched as early as next year. Meanwhile, the company is preparing to launch its 5G powered iPhone 12 models.