The vehicle, called the VA-1X, has British and American creators. The flying taxi has a maximum speed of 241 kilometres per hour.In the next few years in England you will be able to take a flying cab that not only stands out for its speed: it is also non-polluting.

Vertical Aerospace VA-1X.
Vertical Aerospace VA-1X.

Developed by English and American creators, the VA-1X is a kind of helicopter-plane that will perform travel functions with greater proximity.

It is totally electric, so it does not emit carbon, and can carry up to four passengers. Its maximum speed is 241 kilometers per hour.

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The English company of Bristol Vertical Aerospace, together with the North American company called Honeywell, are in the middle of the development of the vehicle.

According to the Daily Mail, the VA-1X is expected to start work in 2024. Flight tests would begin in 2021.

The cost of the flight would be from seven to thirteen dollars per kilometer traveled.

The expectations of the developers of this vehicle

"This technology will revolutionize travel, combining the safety of commercial airlines with environmental benefits."
"With the launch of the VA-1X, we are proud to be one step closer to mass market adoption and support the next era of aviation."
"People should be able to get from A to B quickly and affordably, without sacrificing the planet," Cervenka stressed.


The design and characteristics of the flying cab

Its design is inspired by Formula One cars, including the use of lightweight materials.

The structure will be 13 meters long and 15 meters wide, according to its creators. With this, they ensure that it is small enough to go out and land on helipads.

Honeywell is a partner at VA-1X. 

According to Vertical Aerospace, the start-up is planning an EASA approval of its aircraft "according to the same safety standards as airlines."

The company aims to make flights with the VA-1X significantly cheaper than helicopters and thus democratize the use of air taxis.