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Huawei: these cell phone models would be left without Android updates

Huawei smartphones sold before May 2019 were found to have a temporary license to run Google services. But it has now expired.

Huawei cell phone models without Android updates in 2020.
But keep in mind that an ongoing and renewed license has allowed the two companies to work together and continue to support phones that are already in the hands of consumers with Android updates… until now.

Huawei's drama with the commercial blockade imposed by the United States

There have been great moments of uncertainty about the future of new models launched by the company.

But many lived with the comfort and certainty that their 2018 and early 2019 terminals would be safe.

With the guarantee of continuing to receive support and updates for both Android and Google services. But as it turns out, no.

The Washington Post revealed everything with the publication of an article, in which they reveal that in reality the Huawei smartphones sold before May 16, 2019 had a temporary general license (TGL) that allowed them to be kept up to date.

But that license would have expired already and technically the models are no longer in a position to be supported.

Because of the dates and lifetimes of the operating systems some of the models potentially exposed to this problem would be:

  • Huawei P20 (2018)
  • P20 Pro (2018)
  • P20 Lite (Nova 3e)
  • P Smart + (Nova 3i)
  • P Smart (2019)
  • P Smart Z (2019)
  • P30 (2019)
  • Matt 20 (2018)
  • Matt 20 Pro (2018)
  • Mate 20 Lite (2018)
  • Matt 20 X (2018)
  • Matte 20 Porsche RS (2018)
    There is hope

    But all this is in limbo and is not in itself a definitive fact. Since the regulation of these blockages is relatively suspended due to contingency and the necessary funds to make the required transition in infrastructure have not been distributed.
    So there is a strong possibility that this license will be extended indefinitely.

    Old Huawei models would be left without updates

    The dreaded day for the end of updates has arrived. Huawei has confirmed that the temporary license that allowed it to send updates to Android has ended.

    As is known from the beginning one of the main problems has been that Google was prohibited from working with them, preventing access to their technology in terms of software.

    The Commerce Department had issued a temporary license so that Google could send these updates to Huawei smartphones, as well as guarantee the operation of Google apps and services, but this was no longer valid on August 13 and everything seems to indicate that there will be no renewal.

    The bad news is for the users of a Huawei and Honor brand equipment, since they will stop receiving the monthly security and system patches, since they will not pass the SafetyNet certification, so they will not be able to make payments or bank movements from your apps.

    For now, Huawei is monitoring the situation, seeking if something can be done to benefit users and analyzing the possible impact.