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Vertical Aerospace VA-1X: A Non-Polluting Flying Taxi

The vehicle, called the VA-1X , has British and American creators. The flying taxi has a maximum speed of 241 kilometres per hour.In the next few years in England you will be able to take a flying cab that not only stands out for its speed: it is also non-polluting. Vertical Aerospace VA-1X. Developed by English and American creators, the VA-1X is a kind of helicopter-plane that will perform travel functions with greater proximity. It is totally electric, so it does not emit carbon , and can carry up to four passengers. Its maximum speed is 241 kilometers per hour. Video: The VA-1X Vertical Aerospace.   The English company of Bristol Vertical Aerospace , together with the North American company called Honeywell , are in the middle of the development of the vehicle. According to the Daily Mail , the VA-1X is expected to start work in 20

What are the major characteristics of philosophy

7 characteristics of philosophy: a doctrine that encompasses a great deal of logical and methodological studies that seek to answer questions of interest to human beings such as existence, truth or knowledge. Characteristics of philosophy. A great deal of humanist and scientific knowledge has emerged from philosophy, which has been of vital importance for the development of humanity and for providing answers to an infinite number of existentialist questions and doubts, among others. The main characteristics of the philosophy are presented below. Universality Philosophy encompasses a large number of branches of knowledge in order to build a general and common idea of the truth of the universe that can be understood by all people. For this reason, philosophy makes use of various areas of study in order to complement this concept in a reasonable way so that it can promote its subsequent criticism. For this reason, mysticisms or superstitions are not taken into account.