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Lucifer season 5 trailer | Netflix

 Lucifer season 5: The fifth season, part 1, opens on August 21 only on Netflix.

Picture of Lucifer season 5 trailer on Netflix.
Lucifer season 5 trailer on Netflix.

Video: Lucifer makes a stormy comeback, Chloe reconsiders the romance, she finally meets a nice fella, and Amenadiel settles into the whole parenting business.

Don't leave. Goodbye. She'll be just fine without me. I'm not good. I've been throwing myself into work and going out with you. At least you guys got to say goodbye. As far as I'm concerned, Lucifer can, well, he can go to hell. We don't need him. Hello, bad guys. You're here! Yes, I got a bit bored, so I thought I'd pop back up. Lucifer's acting different. Down there, time is different. I was in hell for thousands of years. A few things might've changed. Lucifer 2.0. You're back. Great. How could you go home without me? I'm not Lucifer! Lucifer told me he had a twin brother. Nice to meet you. I'm Michael. I am not gonna break Lucifer's life. I'm gonna take it. He is stronger than you think. What do you truly desire? Welcome home. How do you like the mess I made? For now, I'm gonna stick to police work and avoid anything God-related. Hilarious.

Netflix revealed this Monday the official trailer of the fifth season of "Lucifer".

  • Will be released next August 21st on the platform.
  • According to the streaming service, the demon is back but acting "weird." 
  • Later, it is revealed that it is actually "Michael", the twin brother of "Lucifer" and who was pretending to be him.

"I'm not going to ruin 'Lucifer's' life, I'm going to take it," threatens "Michael".

Lucifer tells the story of the demon who leaves the throne of hell for the shining, flaming madness of Los Angeles, where he has fun helping the police punish the criminals. 

A few days ago, Netflix confirmed that "Lucifer" will have a sixth season as the "finale" of the series.