Tip for Xiaomi: Improve the sound in seconds by changing these settings

We show you how to improve the sound of any Xiaomi by using headphones.

Picture showing how to Improve the sound on Xiaomi smartphone.
How to Improve the sound on Xiaomi smartphone.

Today we're here to show you a trick for Xiaomi that will come in handy, especially if you're one of those people who listen to music every day on your mobile, as this simple adjustment can improve the audio on your Xiaomi exponentially, and it's thanks to the MIUI, as the Chinese company includes this option natively in their customization layer.

Please note that these are options that will be available as long as you are using a wired headset, as when using a headset Bluetooth, the equalization and quality of the sound depends to some extent on the audio codecs used by the headset and the smartphone, although there are headsets such as the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ where you can change a lot of settings from their application.

Picture showing how to improve the audio on Xiaomi smartphone.
Xiaomi mobile audio is easy to improve.

Improve the sound of your Xiaomi with this trick

As we mentioned, the Chinese firm includes in a native way the settings that we're going to show you and that are going to help you improve the audio in your Xiaomi, and the truth is that we think that it's something indispensable to have a good experience, and it's lucky that Xiaomi includes it in a native way. So we're going to see what needs to be done.

As we said, this setting applies only to headphones that connect to your smartphone via cable. And you must have these headphones connected for you to access and change these settings, so go ahead and plug them in, and when you're done, do the following:
  • Go to the settings application
  • Go to "Sound and Vibration"
  • Go down to "Sound Effects"
  • Activate "My Sound Enhancer"
  • Try the different modes until you find the one you prefer

Xiaomi allows you to modify the audio equalization by headphones

The key to all this lies in the final step, as you must try out the different modes offered by Xiaomi depending on the headphones you're using to find out which one suits you best, or at least which one suits your audio preferences best. Like I said, trial and error.

Of course, the headphones you use don't have to be Xiaomi's, as they can be any brand. The company simply offers a different equalization for each option to optimize for the model of your headphones, but it's quite possible that for in-ear headphones, for example, the equalization you choose is that of a headset.

MIUI is one of the most complete customization layers we have in Android, and Xiaomi makes sure of it every year by introducing useful new features for the user in that layer. Something that so far has worked quite well for the Chinese company, and it does not surprise us at all, since based on the software, Xiaomi has managed to distinguish itself from many of its competitors.

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