Several US states reintroduce corona restrictions

In the USA, a long holiday weekend is approaching with the national holiday on 4 July. But because of the rapid increase in new infections, beaches, bars and cinemas remain closed in many places. California is not the only state to reverse this trend.

 59/5000 Map of all Corona infection cases in the United States in recent days.
The states that were among the first to reopen, including Florida and Texas, are now reinstating corona(Covid-19) restrictions, including the closure of beaches and bars.

In view of a rapid increase in new corona infections, several US states are putting the brakes on the relaxation of corona regulations.

Arizona corona restrictions

In Arizona, for example, bars, fitness centres and cinemas have to close again. The governor of the southwestern US state, Douglas Ducey, declared on Monday (local time) that events with more than 50 participants are now also prohibited again - and this only one week after US President Donald Trump's appearance in Arizona.

Ducey's order is initially valid until the end of July. "We assume that our numbers will decrease," the governor said at a press conference according to US media.

In the state with a population of seven million there are about 75,000 confirmed coronavirus infections. Recently, the number of new infections has risen rapidly - just like in the southern states of California, Texas and Florida.

Los Angeles leaves beaches closed - fireworks cancelled on 4 July

For this reason, beaches in the Los Angeles area of Southern California will be closed on the upcoming holiday weekend. Cycle paths, parking lots and piers are also closed from Friday to Monday, the district announced on Monday evening. The traditional fireworks display for National Day (July 4) was also cancelled.

In Los Angeles County alone, with a population of around ten million, almost 3,000 new coronavirus infections were recorded on Monday - the highest number on a single day since the pandemic began. More than 100,000 cases have been reported in the county since March.

California Governor Gavin Newsom ordered bars in parts of the state to close again on Sunday.

The decree applies in seven counties, including Los Angeles, a metropolis with a population of millions. California had imposed corona restrictions very early on as a precautionary measure, but had recently started to loosen them slowly.

After two months of closure, the beaches in Los Angeles were reopened in mid-May for sports activities such as swimming or jogging. However, people had to keep their distance and wear a protective mask outside the water. In mid-June, Newsom had ordered that masks be made mandatory for the West Coast state with its almost 40 million inhabitants.

According to this corona restrictions, Californians must wear a protective mask in public, for example when shopping, riding the bus or at work.

Florida also wants to keep beaches closed - Nevada postpones further easing

In some parts of Florida the beaches should also be closed. In the city of Jacksonville, where the US Republicans plan to hold their party conference in August, masks are now to be worn in public buildings where distance requirements cannot be met.

Trump's Republicans had moved part of their party conference to Florida because of too strict corona regulations in North Carolina.

The state of Nevada postponed the next stage of its loosening until Monday to the end of July. Governor Steve Sisolak appealed to citizens to continue wearing a mask in public and to keep the recommended safety distance.

The state of New Jersey postponed Thursday's planned permission for restaurants to serve guests indoors again. In Texas, the latest order was for bars to be closed. Other states also announced that they would reverse the relaxation of corona regulations.