Apple received a patent for smart glass for a car

Apple patent for smart glass.
Smart glass patent.

The innovative system will be able to change the lighting and temperature in the cabin both automatically and at the request of passengers.

American company Apple received a patent for an invention called "systems with customizable windows". According to the contents of the document, these are smart glasses for cars, which are able to control their own light permeability and thermal conductivity.

Such systems will contain several layers between two glass panels.

By changing the properties of the layers, the adjustable windows will be able to adjust the light and temperature inside the cabin, responding both to the demands of car passengers and to changing environmental conditions.

For example, if passengers or the driver want more privacy, they can darken the windows for outside observers. At the same time, a smart system will save the view from inside the car. This function can be programmed automatically for different sections of the route by means of geo-tagging.

If the road turns in the direction of the blinding sun, the system will automatically reduce the light permeability of the windscreen so as not to disorient the driver and avoid creating an emergency situation. And special UV sensors will give a softer shade of sunlight at the request of the person driving the car.

Interestingly, Apple has never officially confirmed the fact that they are engaged in car development. However, such rumors have been circulating since 2016, when, according to the MacRumours edition, the company purchased the domain names and for its needs.