Google and Samsung smartphones free repair to all medical professionals

Google and Samsung free smartphone Google and Samsung will repair smartphone for free, coronavirus.
Google and Samsung free repair.

Google and Samsung will repair smartphones for free to all medical professionals. We have repeatedly written that Google provides a variety of comprehensive assistance to other companies and ordinary people in the fight against coronavirus infection. And we' re talking about South Korean manufacturer Samsung.

The point is that both corporations now offer free phone repairs to absolutely all health and emergency workers to help workers in these areas less worry about minor problems like phone failure, so that they can focus their efforts on fighting COVID-19.

In any case, this program offered by Samsung is called "Free Repairs for The Frontline". And as stated in the official explanation, the above program "will provide free repair services for smartphones from Samsung, which include a completely free replacement of the cracked screen, or worn-out battery and so on to all persons providing first aid and other health professionals.

So if you own a Samsung smartphone and work in the field referred to here, you really should consider at least replacing the battery that you may already have worn out. And yes, in any case, you should hurry up, because this free repair program will last only until June 30. If we talk about the free repair program from Google, it is generally very similar to what Samsung offers.

Bottom line, it should be said that the proposal from Samsung wins in terms of that this free repair will be able to benefit owners of the manufacturer's phones virtually around the world. However, Google in comparison offers at least one, but still full-fledged repair of the phone, not a simple replacement of the battery, glass or casing, which is very cool.

Samsung and Google decided to repair the smartphones of health care workers in the USA for free.

Healthcare workers found themselves in a very difficult and dangerous situation, so Samsung and Google launched a project with uBreakiFix, under which health care workers' smartphones will be repaired free of charge.

In addition, Samsung offered a 30-percent discount on any purchase at for emergency response and healthcare professionals. Google has a similar program.

Electronics repair service uBreakiFix, supported by Google, announced the decision to give everyone who is at the forefront of the fight against the new coronavirus pandemic the right to repair Pixel smartphones free of charge.

Employees working in the above areas will be able to receive one free repair of a Pixel smartphone at any of the 500 uBreakiFix branches in the United States.

To repair your Pixel smartphone, emergency or medical personnel must show your identification badge at uBreakiFix.

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, the firm has significantly reduced its services and offers home repair to ensure social distance.