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What are the horrible and macabre experiments done on humans?

Bobby Shafan, David Kellman and Eddy Galland. Discover the incredible story of Bobby Shafan, David Kellman and Eddy Galland. If you think you are seeing triple, you are not wrong. Boys are triplets - but not just triplets. The trio was separated at birth by the Louise Wise Adoption Agency in New York. Each boy went to their respective parents, but, through questioning, they discovered that they were part of a psychological study carried out by Dr. Peter Neubauer and his Child Development Center. The boys were born quadruples in 1961 to a single teenage mother. The fourth brother died in childbirth , but the other three were put up for adoption. Under the guidance of a psychiatrist, Dr. Peter Neubauer, the boys were to be placed in separate families. But not just any family. With the help of the Louise Wise Adoption Agency, the researchers carefully selected families . Each family had different parenting styles and socioeconomic backgrounds. The boys' adop

Why do you put a donkey together with a herd of cattle?

Why do you put a donkey together with a herd of cattle? Why do you use a donkey with cattle?  Because of tough, brave little guys like this: Or this tough guy in the desert: This little guy with the chic outfit has turned off a wild fox that came too close, while his little dog brother (who was watching from a safe distance) was too cowardly to take on the intruder. And this little monster in a back yard:  "Get out of my garden or I'll remove you." Or this guy in the mountains: He helped his rider take out a living cougar ... until he was gone.  (For clarification: this is a mule - half donkey / half horse). Donkeys and their wild cousins ​​are extremely tough little equidae (equidae: those from the horse family). They are built lower and not as fast as a horse or a gazelle, so nature had to give them something else - courage, perseverance and tenacity. Donkeys can run, they have huge, beautiful ears to tell them the danger is approaching, their s