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What is witchcraft?

What is witchcraft?

Witchcraft is the set of magical and superstitious practices performed by witches and warlocks.

Witchcraft (sorcery, witchcraft, wizardry, magic) - the occupation of sorcery as a craft, in which the sorcerer claims contact with supernatural forces (demons, spirits of ancestors, nature and others).

Witchcraft history

Human beings have believed in witchcraft since prehistoric times, although interpretations of this phenomenon vary according to culture and time. In Western society, witchcraft is associated with belief in the devil or demons, since the practice is associated with spells that seek to cause/practice evil.

In addition to this tendency, in some cases, another type of witchcraft is also mentioned: beneficial witchcraft, such as white magic.

In any case, the practices of witchcraft are similar to the actions performed by magicians, sorcerers and shamans, since all of them imply some kind of logic that escapes what is considered normal or natural.

In today's world, as a practice capable of having an influence on reality, witchcraft is considered something marginal. However, these phenomena often appear in popular culture through television series, cartoons, books or films, often in a comical and humorous way.