What is bullying?

What is bullying?

Illustrated bully holding another boy while he is upside down dropping his belongings on the floor.

Bullying refers to school bullying and all forms of physical, verbal or psychological abuse that occur between students repeatedly, constantly and over time.

Bullying usually takes place in the classroom and in the playground.

This type of violence usually affects children and adolescents between the ages of 12 and 15, although it may extend to other ages.

The bully bothers his victim in various ways, alone or with the complicity of others. It is common for the conflict to begin as a joke that eventually becomes systematic and can result in physical harm or other types of aggression.

Cases of bullying reveal an abuse of power. The bully manages to intimidate others, who perceives him or her as stronger, regardless of whether that force is real or subjective.

Little by little, the bullied child begins to feel various psychological consequences in the face of the situation, being afraid to go to school, becoming withdrawn around friends and family, etc.

With new technologies, bullying has expanded into victims' homes, and the name cyberbullying was coined. Abusers bully via the Internet, with intimidating emails, the dissemination of retouched photographs, defamation on social networks and even the creation of web pages with aggressive content.