What is Babel?

What is Babel?

Babel is the biblical denomination of Babylon, an ancient city belonging to the Lower Mesopotamia region. 

Babylon, the capital of the Babylonian Empire and the Neo-Babylonian Empire.

This city managed to become a world power, although over the years it lost importance until it was abandoned completely. Its ruins are located in modern-day Iraq 94 kilometres (59 miles) southwest of Baghdad.

According to the Book of Genesis, Babel was founded by Nimrod. 

The city remained in history and in popular imagination through an immense tower that sought to reach the sky: the Tower of Babel. It is a construction that according to historical data, possibly existed in reality, although the evidence of its existence was combined with mythology.

The Bible indicates that Nimrod, a powerful tyrant who opposed God, had the Tower of Babel built to reach heaven. God, observing that people worked together for this purpose, made the decision to confuse them and thus created the different languages.

Not being able to understand each other, men had trouble building the tower, which was built poorly and ultimately collapsed.

From this legend , the idea of babel is associated with confusion, disorder or disorganization. The concept is also used to describe heterogeneity.