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Taylor Swift donates $1 million to tornado victims

After heavy storms in the US state of Tennessee killed many people, singer Taylor Swift has donated money.

Taylor Swift donates one million to Tennessee Tornado Aid.
Taylor Swift donates one million to Tennessee Tornado Aid.

Singer Taylor Swift has donated over one million dollars to help those affected by the tornadoes in Tennessee. 

This was confirmed by her spokeswoman for the American media. The storms had killed 25 people and severely devastated the region around the city of Nashville.

"Nashville is my home and the fact that so many people have lost their homes and so much more is devastating," Swift wrote on Instagram. 

She called on her fans to donate as well. Swift did not reveal the amount of her donation. According to NBC News, it was only revealed by her spokesperson upon request.

On the day of the devastating tornado, Swift expressed her support for those affected - even if only in a psychological way. "I send you my love and prayers," wrote the 30-year-old on Twitter.

However, the donation should not be a financial burden for the singer. According to the current "Forbes" list, Swift is one of the best paid celebrities worldwide. 

In 2019, her annual income was estimated at 185 million dollars, mainly thanks to her "Reputation" album and the accompanying tour. The singer already led the "Forbes" ranking in 2016.