Short hygienic handbook to stop the coronavirus

Short hygienic handbook to stop the coronavirus

Coronavirus news. 4-5 minutes.

Hands sanitized with gel hand sanitizer

Few rules but to be followed slavishly. It is the moment of civic sense: we have a duty to avoid the spread of the coronavirus and in the days of "protected Italy" remembering the importance of respecting some rules of hygiene prophylaxis is fundamental. The government has already released a detailed handbook but let's do a review together, to verify that in the new domestic routine we don't forget any steps.


Repetita iuvant, we said: so first of all, let's remember to wash your hands often and well. More than usual these days: not just before eating, handling drugs, removing contact lenses or after coughing or using the bathroom. Even in a moment of pause between one activity and another we go to wash our hands thoroughly, even with a common soap. Hand washing is intended to ensure adequate cleaning and the operation - experts recommend - must last at least 60 seconds.

If you have opted for the use of alcohol-based sanitizers, it is necessary to remember that these products should be used with dry hands, otherwise they will lose their effectiveness. In the government decree, it is recommended to make these sanitizing gels available in all public places. On the market there are medical-surgical aids and biocides authorized with bactericidal action, care must be taken not to abuse them. Prolonged use could have contraindications and encourage bacteria to develop resistance to these products, increasing the risk of infections.


Alcogel, gel hand sanitizer is certainly the most common type of disinfectants, in some pharmacies and supermarkets it is now impossible to find. In many, left unattended, they have worked with do-it-yourself solutions that, if followed the right procedure, are valid. But how is the gel disinfectant produced? On youtube it is easy to find several tutorials on the topic.

The preparation of the disinfectant, the formula of which was made official by the WHO years ago, to obtain 200 ml of product includes the following ingredients:
  • 135 ml of 96% ethyl alcohol (the white one, used to prepare the liqueurs)
  • 8.5 grams of 3% hydrogen peroxide (the classic 10-volume water)
  • 3 grams of 98% glycerin (or glycerol)
  • distilled water (or boiled and cooled) just enough to reach 200 ml
Ethyl alcohol must be poured into the empty bottle and then the other ingredients. Important: the product must be left to rest for 72 hours before use


In addition to having them always clean, you should never even get your hands on the nose, eyes and mouth. Coronavirus is a respiratory virus that spreads mainly through contact with the droplets of the breath of infected people so the use of disposable tissues is recommended when sneezing or coughing, otherwise - in the absence of them - the crease of the elbow can be used . Another rule: clean the internal surfaces with alcohol or chlorine-based disinfectants (bleach, for example) because the use of simple disinfectants is already able to kill the virus by canceling its ability to infect people.  


Mask chapter: its use limits the spread of the virus but must be adopted in addition to other measures of respiratory and hand hygiene. In fact - informs the Ministry of Health - "it is possible that the use of masks may even increase the risk of infection due to a false sense of security and greater contact between hands, mouth and eyes" .

The mask is therefore only recommended if you suspect you have contracted the coronavirus or if you take care of a person with a suspected infection.


As the government and doctors have been telling us for days, we must, then, avoid crowded places and any type of aggregation : when you cannot help leaving the house, it is essential to guarantee an interpersonal safety distance of at least one meter. No handshakes and no physical contacts of any kind. Sociality will suffer but, in the face of the coronavirus emergency, it is a bearable sacrifice. There are few rules, let's respect them.