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Playstation 5: supposed specifications are leaked on 4chan

A user on 4chan decided to reveal the supposed specifications and even the price of Playstation 5, but is this true?

PlayStation 5 leaks, new ps5.

The Playstation 5 is surrounded by mystery as it seems that Sony refuses to release even the slightest bit of information about its console and this does not seem to be changing anytime soon. That's why any leak that could make our imagination fly is welcome.

Don't take it very seriously

Being that this leak and many of the others that exist in the world of video games always come from unofficial sources, unless it has literally been leaked from the companies website or through their social networks.

That is why you should not take as 100% real what you will see next, because you could either be false or it could be real. So without further ado, here are the specifications and other things that leaked in 4chan.

  • 13.3TF Custom RDNA 2 GPU @ 1.7GHZ with 60 Compute Units
  • AMD Zen2 8 core @ 3.4 GHZ (Sony is trying to do 3.7GHZ)
  • RAM 16GB GDDR6 + 4GB DDR4
  • SSD@5.5GB/S @ 1TB
  • Dedicated RT and 3D Audio Cores
  • 565GB broadband
Also supposedly it will have compatibility with previous games of each and every one of the Playstation consoles, so, if this were true, we could finally play Chrono Cross in a new generation console.

In addition, the leak says that we could see more than a thousand games in this retro digital compatibility the same day of the launchThe control will supposedly have heart rate monitors and an integrated microphone.

In addition to all of the above, the console in question will supposedly have a voice assistant with artificial intelligence that helps you to change games, programs and create games with your friends without having to enter any menu.

Finally, the price is said to be $ 499 dollars and will be released this year for the Christmas festivities.