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What is the meaning of time?

What is the meaning of the word time?

Time corresponds to the duration of things (present, past and future); what one can measure through days, months or years.

Time is the duration of the facts, it is what determines the moments, periods, times, days, weeks, centuries, etc. The word time can have several different meanings, depending on the context in which it is used.

The expression "in time" means that the fact is happening at the right moment, at the right time.
The weather is the atmospheric moment, it is the definition of the climate and the seasons.

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), refers to the Greenwich Mean Time meridian, which serves as a reference for calculating longitudes and establishing time zones.

Musical Time, is each of the complete parts of a musical piece, in which the tempo changes. It is the duration of each part of the time signature.

Verb tense is the flexion indicating the moment to which the state or action of the verbs refers. It is the past, present or future.

Killing time is an expression used at the moment of distraction, of fun. "To have time" is to be free, unhurried, available. "To waste time", is to use it in useless things, where you don't expect good results. "In my time", is when we refer to a moment in our life, in front of a fact that happened in the past. "Taking a break" or "asking for a break", is asking for a moment, for a pause in any activity.

Time of travel, is the time taken to travel a certain distance. In physics, this time is calculated by taking the distance traveled and the speed of the object as a reference.

Working time, is the daily period of time in which the worker is at the disposal of a company, it is his working day.