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Someone leaked photos captured with the new Huawei P40 Premium, the camera impressive.

Huawei P40 Premium takes these stunning photographs that have to be seen to be believed

There are only a few days left for Huawei to finally introduce the P40 family. By now we've discovered a lot about that line thanks to multiple leaks. But there's still a lot of stuff to be surprised at apparently.

P40 premium photo settings.

Until a few hours ago, no one knew about the existence of an even more expensive new variant of the P40. Even to this day we don't know if its name would be Huawei P40 Premium, P40 Pro Premium or P40 Pro Premium Edition. But the greatest certainty we have is that its camera would be spectacular.

To try and validate those rumors, just a user on the Weibo social network in China has just uploaded a series of photographs that allegedly would have been captured with a Huawei P40.

There is no concrete way to check this and the reliability of this site is very inconsistent. But among all the images shared there is one with the histogram of the portrait, whose interface is identical to that of EMUI.

This makes us think that the images are real and if it is true we would be talking about something very interesting. 

The photographs speak for themselves (Huawei P40 Premium camera):
p40 premium camera photos.
Huawei P40 Premium camera.

The color capture range is impressive, yes, but what is most striking is that in some cases, such as the dog image, it is a photo with the optical zoom applied at the top with an additional cropping to frame the photo.

In other words, this smartphone would have a resolution and a camera with a set of brutal lenses. This is in line with the rumors that talk about two telephoto shots, including a periscope and a 52 MP main sensor.

It should even be noted that whoever leaked the photos at no point mentions specifically that this is the premium version, but from the description of its zoom edition it seems to fit this model.

However, all this information will not be confirmed until March 26, when Huawei will finally release all the details of this new family.