Coronavirus: smartphone sales plummet nearly 40% due to pandemic

A market research company reveals the first figures of the decline in the smartphone industry due to the coronavirus. It's the worst collapse in its history.

The Corona SARS-2 virus and its impact on smartphones.

It was bound to happen. With the global pandemic of the Covid-19 Coronavirus different companies worldwide were forced to take extreme measures to help contain the massive outbreak.

Apple warned that its sales figures would be impacted and yet it has worked to combat this global situation.

However, in reality it would not be the only company affected, on the contrary; all industries in all sectors will see red numbers because of the Covid-19 Coronavirus.

But the smartphone sales market seems to have suffered one of the hardest blows in its history.

That's what the latest report from financial firm Strategy Analytics shows; they have determined that smartphone shipments would have dropped by 38% compared to the same period in February last year.

In 2019, nearly 99.2 million smartphones were shipped around the world. While this past month the figure barely reached 61.8 million.

This correlation of figures represents a collapse of almost 40 percent and represents by itself the largest drop in the market's recorded history.

The focus of the crash would have been on the Asian market, for obvious reasons. Since it was not possible to go out on the streets to buy the device.

But in reality this would only be the first preview of the crisis; since the figures for March and April of this year could be even more serious.

Since now we add the factor that the factories have reduced their production. As the pandemic spread throughout the Western world.

People around the world didn't even buy low-end smartphones. So this could get worse.