Android: Google Assistant can read out loud web pages

Google Assistant: Android phones can read and translate web articles

The Google Assistant can now read the content of websites.
The articles can even be translated live into the desired language.

Google has introduced a new feature for its Google Assistant on Android smartphones.

The Assistant can now read aloud web pages in 42 languages. This allows users who cannot read the text of the web page to capture the information.

The function is intended primarily for users who are either visually impaired or have reading difficulties. However, users without such limitations can also use the function, for example to have a particularly long text read aloud to them.

In Google's blog, the company describes how the reader works: "If a user calls up a web page in his or her browser that he or she wants to have the text played back, he or she simply has to tell the Google Assistant using a voice command.

Apparently this does not currently work with German language input and few other languages, at least not for us.

Reading speed can be adjusted

When prompted to read the page aloud, the Google Assistant starts the voice playback. At the same time, the currently read word is highlighted in color and the text is scrolled through.

According to Google, users can adjust the reading speed and select different voices. The voice playback should sound particularly natural.

The read-aloud function should work in a total of 42 languages. Users can also combine the reader with the translation function. The Google Assistant then reads the translated text aloud directly.