WhatsApp will prevent adding users to groups without their consent

The new function, which aims to provide users with greater control over the groups, has begun to be distributed and is present in many countries.

WhatsApp adding users to groups without their consent.
WhatsApp adding users to groups without their consent.

Privacy has become a major concern for users. WhatsApp continues to take steps to protect privacy, and one long-awaited step is finally coming: preventing user additions to groups without their consent.

In April, WhatsApp announced new privacy settings for groups to give users more control. 

The new feature has begun to be distributed, is being tested and is already present in countries such as India.

According to WABetainfo , it is necessary to have version iOS and 2.19.298 on Android to activate it.

Those who can already upgrade to these versions must access Settings or Configuration / Account / Privacy , and in this section Groups with three possibilities will appear.


WhatsApp WhatsApp is rolling out the group privacy settings, including blacklist!.

Give me feedback on Twitter if the feature is enabled for you, if you are using iOS or Android, beta or stable release, where you are from etc.. :D

WhatsApp will prevent adding users to groups without their consent.

Discover all details about the new Group Privacy Setting, nw in rolling our for iOS and Android users, reading all info in this article!.

In the Groups section there are three options: "Everyone" (which allows anyone to automatically add you to a group), "My contacts" (which gives permission to anyone in your address book) and "No one". 

But it seems that the firm has considered this last option too radical and in the final version of the app it has been replaced by My contacts except..., an option that still offers the possibility of restricting inclusion in groups.

What happens when someone invites a user to a group and the restrictions make access impossible? 

The inviter will be informed of this and encouraged to send the invitation in a private conversation. The other user will have up to three days to accept or the invitation will be declined by default.

WhatsApp groups with customers?

WhatsApp groups are also covered by the General Data Protection Regulations (RGPD). Many businesses, especially SMEs, use this channel to communicate with their customers. 

But creating a WhatsApp group with all of them can violate EU regulations and lead to sanctions.

There is no way that customer phone numbers are not displayed for all group members and that number is a personal number. 

To process customer data through WhatsApp, you must inform and ask for consent.