Shocking video clip shows suspected Coronavirus carriers dragged from their homes

A disturbing video has emerged that shows people suspected of having the coronavirus being forcibly dragged from their homes as the communist regime begins to gather suffering in Wuhan and take them to camps.

Coronavirus 2020, workers in protective suits are seen at the Wuhan.
Coronavirus 2020, workers in protective suits are seen at the Wuhan.

⬛ Wuhan Coronavirus Video: Wuhan residents appear to be forcibly removed.

The images, believed to have been filmed in Wuhan, China, show officials in protective suits forcibly removing suspected coronaviruses from their homes.

In the video, a person wearing a face mask is seen being dragged quickly by officials and is soon followed by a woman in a winter jacket wearing a protective suit under her arms.

However, officials have more trouble removing a third person who is lying in a doorway and refuses to be picked up.

Two people try to pick him up, but after no luck, they are joined by a man in a blue apron and then two other officials.

Despite the manpower, the group still struggles to pick up the man who kicks and fights them from the ground. Finally, three of the men manage to lift him and carry the patient suspect down the stairs.

While in another video, which is also said to have been filmed in China, several policemen see a woman being arrested and fighting them.

The clip was shared on Twitter stating that it shows the woman being 'arrested and put into isolation for not wearing a coronavirus mask'.

The footage, shot in Wuhan, comes after China's Vice Premier, Sun Chunlan, called for a "people's war" against the rapidly spreading epidemic.

Eighty-six people die of coronavirus in one DAY in China. 

Beijing begins mass arrests of victims and videos show thugs in hazmat suits dragging people from their homes as the death toll reaches 724.

⬛ A disturbing video has appeared, filmed in Wuhan, showing three people being evicted from their home.

 Staff members in protective suits and face masks are seen walking two of the people while holding their arms.

 A third man then resists kicking and it takes three officers to lift him out by force.

 On Saturday, authorities confirmed 722 coronavirus deaths in mainland China, with a worldwide total of 724.

They also revealed that five more Britons, including a child, have the virus in France after one of them went to Singapore.

The virus had killed more than 700 people, 86 of whom died on Friday alone, and more than 34,500 worldwide have been infected.

 China has required four types of people in Wuhan to be placed in mandatory isolation in quarantine stations
  1. Confirmed cases.
  2. Suspected cases. 
  3. People in close contact with the two above and those with fever. 
In the picture, the patients are resting in a makeshift hospital, coronavirus 2020.
Coronavirus 2020, China.
China, Coronavirus 2020.