Rose Monday Parades are rolling again: Topics are - Trump, climate change, CDU crisis and the attack in Hanau.

The street carnival reaches its climax today with the Rose Monday parade. 

German Carnival floats, Trump.
German Carnival floats 2020, Trump.

"As terrible and sad as it is, we will comment foolishly on the subject," the Düsseldorf cartwright Jacques Tilly told the German Press Agency. 

"Our political values are attacked at their core, and the Düsseldorf carnival cannot hide this. We have always made it our business to pick up everything in the air that moves people. 

We don't just deal with the beautiful sides of things, we don't just make a fuss, we capture what people are feeling at the moment, how the collective psyche is set up.

Other topics are for example the power struggle in the CDU and climate change. Fridays-for-Future activists are hanging from the top of a Cologne wagon - the rest is submerged in water. US President Donald Trump is also back in Cologne: as a horror clown.

Weather-wise no problems were expected at first. 

On Sunday, stormy gusts led to the cancellation of many carnival parades, including the Schull- un Veedelszöch in Cologne. 

In Düsseldorf, the popular Kö-trade was cancelled. However, the big Rosenmontag parades in Cologne and Düsseldorf were not considered threatened - the wind was supposed to calm down. But it could get wet.

🔹 The Cologne Rose Monday parade starts at 10.00 o'clock, in Düsseldorf it starts at 12.14 o'clock.

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