iPhone 7 At Aldi! But The Deal Has A Catch

Is it worthwhile to buy the iPhone 7 now? iPhone 7 is visually indistinguishable from iPhone 8.

iPhone 7 deal in 2020.
iPhone 7 deal in 2020.

From Thursday, 27 February, Aldi will be offering iPhones, which are intended to attract price-conscious buyers in particular. But the supposed bargains have a catch.

First the good news: Even three and a half years after its introduction at the end of 2016, the iPhone 7 is still a good smartphone. It still gets the latest updates, such as iOS 13.3.1 recently, and its performance is on par with many of the current mid-range smartphones, and it is still at the top of the list in terms of build quality.

Well aged (iPhone 7)

Inside the iPhone 7 operates the manufacturer's A10 fusion chip, plus 2GB of RAM. That doesn't sound like much in view of the up to 16GB of RAM that is packed into a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. 

But iOS still manages surprisingly well with little RAM and users should have no problems with the working speed. The smartphone also has a 4.7 inch retina display with 1,334 × 750 pixel resolution. The resolution is fine for the relatively small display, so the pixel density per inch is 326 PPI. Even the current Huawei Mate 30 is not much higher at 389 PPI. 

The iPhone 7 is also the first iPhone that is waterproof to IP67 and has a 12 megapixel camera with optical image stabilisation (OIS). It can even record videos in 4K resolution and has comparatively strong stereo speakers. Some users also prefer the home button, which unlocks the smartphone and is not found on newer iPhones.

As for updates, Apple has always delivered. Even expensive Android smartphones usually only get two major version updates, the iPhone 7 has already received three. iPhones receive iOS updates for an average of 4-5 years, and the iPhone 7 is only at 3.5 years old. Finally, the iPhone 6 has dropped out of the list of devices with current software, it has received 4 years and 11 months of updates. The iPhone 6s on the other hand has got iOS 13 and should still see iOS 14.

But the iPhone has developed considerably in the three and a half years. A triple camera, an almost borderless OLED display, a large battery, and wireless charging - all that came after iPhone 7. Especially when it comes to the battery, you can tell how old the seven is. The small models without a "plus" always had an undersized battery. iPhone 7 only has a capacity of 1960 milliampere-hours. 

The iPhone 11 Pro, which is the closest in size to the iPhone 7 from the current models, has a more than 50 percent larger battery. The fact that iPhone 7 cannot charge wirelessly is more of a compromise than a limitation. It also has an aluminum back that is much better protected against falls than the glass back that every iPhone has since iPhone 8.

⬛ Also worth noting: iPhone 9 is coming soon - and will probably be really cheap

Aldi does not offer the best price

And not even close. Because the offer for 289 euros applies to a refurbished iPhone 7 with 32 GB memory. According to the offer, the overhaul is very thorough - all components are removed, thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and reinstalled (defective parts are replaced with original spare parts). 

Nevertheless, it is not a new iPhone. This means that the device may show slight signs of use and the battery may also not have its full capacity. After all, the iPhone comes with a two-year warranty from Aldi partner Medion, which extends beyond the twelve-month statutory warranty.

A refurbished iPhone 7 is already available at Amazon, for example, for just under 185 euros for the 32GB version - more than 100 euros cheaper than at Aldi. Even the 128GB and 256GB versions are still under Aldi's offer at 209.90 euros and 288.99 euros respectively. 

The iPhones are sold via Amazon's "Renewed" program. Renewed devices are visually inspected and tested for functionality. According to Amazon, only flawless devices that look and work like new should be sold. If this is not the case, as some users report in the reviews, Amazon gives an exchange or the money back. 

According to Amazon, the battery should have at least 80 percent of its original capacity. The devices come with a one-year Amazon Renewed Warranty.

What we think about the iphone 7 aldi offer?

"289 euros for an iPhone 7 is not bad per se. For a cheap entry into the Apple world, the smartphone is still recommended. The iPhone SE successor iPhone SE2/iPhone 9, planned for March, is also set considerably higher at 450-500 Euros.
But Aldi must also be able to guarantee perfect condition for the price, but does not give any information about the condition of the battery, for example. For considerably less money, there is also the Amazon Renewed offer, which I personally find more interesting.