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How do I get help in Windows 10? Support for windows 10.

Windows 10 help.
Windows 10 help.
Support for Windows 10 versions: Frequently Asked Questions. Applies to: Windows 10.

If your device is no longer supported, it will no longer receive security updates from Microsoft and may be more vulnerable to security risks and viruses. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you update to the latest version of Windows 10.

🔹 Windows 10 help and instructions, main categories.

Install, update and activate

First steps

Accounts and billing

Apps and store


Cortana and Search

Email and communication

Gaming and entertainment

Microsoft Edge

Repair and restoration

Sync and save

Security and data protection

First steps

Settings in a new look

Back up and restore files

Change desktop background and colors

Change the profile picture

Select app options

Select the installation method for updates

Connect to a printer

Connect to Bluetooth devices

A dynamic duo: Cortana and Microsoft Edge

Explore the store

Search for apps and programs

Looking for friends

file search

go online

Get started with designs

Transfer data to PC, smartphone and tablet

Do more with Office

Introducing Microsoft Edge

Group apps into desktops

Read aloud text via voice output

Pin favorite apps

Personalize Cortana

Display the “Start” menu in full screen mode

Facilitate PC operation

We introduce: The Xbox app

Arrange apps

Office apps in Windows 10

OneDrive on your PC

Personalize the lock screen

Protect the PC

Record game clips and screenshots

Time-saving keyboard shortcuts

Search for any content, anywhere

Looking for help

Menu content

Set up accounts

Set up email and calendar

Set up your family

Sign in with a Microsoft account

Stream games from Xbox

Respond immediately to messages

Just take the reading with you

Test the latest touchpad gestures

Use a pen

Use speech recognition

Touch input in Windows

Your PC as a tablet

What is Cortana?

Windows Hello

What is a gamertag?


Why can't I go online?

Direct commenting on websites


Sync settings in Windows 10

Activate Windows 10

add device

Add a website to my favorites in Microsoft Edge

Add apps to the Windows 10 Start menu

Quickly add, remove, and customize items

AutoComplete for web forms in Microsoft Edge

Block popups

Can I keep my settings when I upgrade to Windows 10?

Cancel a Microsoft subscription

Change a payment option for your Microsoft account

Change the font style and size for the reading view in Microsoft Edge

Change notifications in the info center

Change the screen brightness

Change the screen orientation

Change startup settings in Windows 10

Change the default search engine to Microsoft Edge

Change the text size

Change the home page in Microsoft Edge

Change the lock screen background

Change the Microsoft profile picture

Change the region for the Windows Store

Check for updates for apps and games in the Microsoft Store

Check Windows Phone Reset Protection status

Connect a printer

Cortana doesn't hear me

Cortana memories in Windows 10

Create a recovery drive

Create a system restore point

Create or edit an avatar on the PC

Defer upgrades in Windows 10

Delete cookies

Contact the Disability Answer Desk.

Download maps

Find friends with the Xbox app

Find missing favorites in File Explorer

Find new apps in the Start menu

Find out how much space is available on the PC

Find out which version of Microsoft Edge you have

Find your pinned Windows 7 apps in Windows 10

Troubleshoot connection issues with Bluetooth audio devices and Bluetooth wireless displays

Fix sound issues

Four important things in Windows 10

Get free apps and games from the Windows Store

Help with Surface Hub

Get Windows Insider Announcements from the Insider Hub

Revert to the previous version of Windows

Hardware requirements for game streaming

How do I link duplicate contacts in the Contacts app?

How does the "Improve" function in the Photos app work?

Add an input language to the PC

Add security information to your Microsoft account

Bluetooth settings in Windows 10

Where are the favorites?

Install programs in Windows 10

Replace security information in the Microsoft account

Change tile size in Windows 10

Use of remote desktop

Import favorites into Microsoft Edge

Create DVDs in Windows 10

Limit OneDrive files on your PC

Keyboard shortcuts for the game bar

Make an in-app purchase

Set Microsoft Edge as the default browser

View or clear browsing history in Microsoft Edge

Multiple desktops in Windows 10

"Workplace" is now called "This PC"

Open the Control Panel in Windows

Settle an outstanding amount or an overdue payment for a Microsoft subscription

Pin a setting to the Start menu

Pin an app to the taskbar

Pin apps to the home page

Project on a screen

Project the screen onto a Surface Hub

Protect your Windows 10 PC

Why isn't Cortana talking to me?

Record a game clip on your PC

Refresh in Windows 10

Remember passwords in Microsoft Edge

Renew your Microsoft subscription

Repair or remove programs

Report a violation in the Windows Store

Change the size of the Start menu

Save articles in the reading list

Scan a document or image

Schedule a scan in Windows Defender

Find out what Cortana is following for you

Show or hide the favorites bar in Microsoft Edge

Start the speech

Start conference calls in the Surface Hub

Switch between 3D view (aerial view) and city map view

Tips for writing on the Surface Hub whiteboard

How to change your Microsoft account password

Help in Windows 10

Enable or disable live tiles

Turn off Microsoft Family settings

Activate airplane mode

Turn on high contrast mode

Activate the on-screen keyboard

Enable or disable the Windows firewall

Unblock your Microsoft account or Outlook email

Use speech recognition in Windows 10

View the purchase history of your Microsoft account

What file formats can I play with the Groove Music app in Windows 10?

What is Microsoft Edge?

What is the Microsoft Groove Music app?

What is Windows Hello?

What is a gamertag?

Where can I find my printer in Windows 10 Mobile?

Windows Explorer has a new name

mobile settings

Change the settings for notifications and actions

Compatibility Report for Windows 10: Frequently Asked Questions

The OneDrive music folder is not shown in Explorer?

Free up space on Windows 10

Help with Windows 10 activation errors

Help with Windows 10 upgrade and installation errors


Recovery options on Windows 10

Search my content

Search my content

Stop receiving insider builds

Supported Bluetooth profiles

Windows 10 upgrade help

Rules of Use for Music, Movies and TV Shows

Use Magnifier to recognize items on the screen

Use text or visual alternatives to play sound notifications

Use the on-screen keyboard for input

View and clear browsing history in Microsoft Edge

Why can't i activate Windows 10?

WiFi optimization: frequently asked questions

Windows Update delivery optimization: frequently asked questions

Your app doesn't work with Windows 10