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After the World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared the international emergency of the Wuhan coronavirus, the epidemic has become a global problem.

Coronavirus news and updates.
Coronavirus news and update.

⬛ However, the epicentre of the disease has been focused on China.

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The European Parliament reported the first death from coronavirus

Coronavirus update: 14:19 03/26/2020.
Politics: Plenary Session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France.
Coronavirus in EU Parliament.

One of the members of the European Parliament died from complications due to coronavirus infection COVID-19, Euroactive reported.

It is noted that the 41-year-old deceased was an externally contracted employee, he worked in the technical support department.

Last week, a member of the European Parliament felt ill, was hospitalized and connected to a ventilating machine. A few days later, he passed away.

All those who had contact with him had already been warned of the danger. They're being examined by doctors.
Coronavirus update: 14:19 03/26/2020. End.

Coronavirus infected in Turkey rises to 2,433

00:01 03/26/2020 - Coronavirus update.
Turkish Health Ministry officials are disinfecting the streets of Istanbul because of the Corona virus outbreak.

The number of detected coronavirus infections in Turkey rose to 2,433 during the day and the number of deaths to 59, said the country's Health Minister Fahrettin Koca.

"Today, 5,035 tests were carried out, of which 561 were positive and we have 2,433 infected. We lost another 15 of our patients, 59 in total," the official wrote on Twitter.

The World Health Organization declared March 11 an outbreak of a new coronavirus infection, COVID-19, a pandemic. According to the latest WHO data, more than 414 thousand people are already infected in the world, more than 18 thousand have died.

00:01 03/26/2020 - Coronavirus update, end.

⬜ Updated 11/02/2020 17:05

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: According to Johns Hopkins University, the coronavirus data updated at this time of day are:
  1. 1,018 dead (974 in Hubei, only 2 outside mainland China).
  2. 43,138 infections (42,667 in mainland China).
  3. 4,284 infections recovered (2,277 in Hubei).
ThailandHealth authorities in Thailand have so far confirmed 33 people infected with the new coronavirus in the country, of which at least 10 patients have already been released.

    Westerdam cruise ship

    "The ship is not in quarantine and we have no reason to believe that there is any case of coronavirus despite the media reports," the company said in a statement. 

    The ship, carrying 1,455 passengers and 802 crew members who departed from Hong Kong on the first day, was scheduled to arrive in Yokohama, Japan, on Saturday, but was refused entry by Japanese authorities after one person on board showed signs of being infected with the new coronavirus from China. 

    "We are actively working on this issue and will communicate any new information when we can. We know this is confusing for our customers and their families and we very much appreciate your patience," said the company on Twitter today.

    The Westerdam cruise ship, owned by Holland America Line, announced on the eve that it would dock Thursday in the coastal city of Laem Chabang, about 125 kilometres southeast of Bangkok, after being refused permission in Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines and Guam. 

    ⬛ "I have already ordered that no landing be allowed," Thailand's health minister said Tuesday on Facebook. 

    Thailand's Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul announced that a cruise ship with nearly 2,000 people on board would not be allowed to disembark because of the risk of one of the passengers carrying the new coronavirus.
      ⬛ The coronavirus has already surpassed the 2003 SARS epidemic in the number of deaths: at least 813 have died as a result of the former, compared to 774 (SARS).

      In its latest report, China's National Health Commission indicated that 811 people have already died of coronavirus in mainland China, while two others (one in the Philippines and one in Hong Kong) have perished from the same cause in the last eight days.

      This puts the number of coronavirus victims at 39 deaths above those recorded by SARS, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). And the margin between the two epidemics could continue to grow.

      Another problem with the coronavirus is that the supply of basic items such as masks or protective suits is scarce, although the Chinese government insists that they have a strong virus containment system.

      The National Development and Reform Commission admitted these shortcomings during a press conference in Beijing this Sunday, so it is putting pressure on manufacturers to increase production, and promised them not only financial aid, but also in terms of licences, raw materials or facilities, in the face of the spread of the coronavirus.

      Among the items most urgently needed: protective suits and glasses, masks, analysis and detection equipment, thermometers and medicines to fight the coronavirus, which has already left more than 800 dead in China.

      ⬛ The UK detects a fourth case of coronavirus infection.

      British health authorities have confirmed a fourth case of coronavirus in the UK. The British government's medical advisor, Chris Witty, has detailed that the patient who tested positive was in contact with another infected person in the UK and that the transmission occurred in France.

      British health experts "continue to work hard to identify people who have been in contact with patients in the UK cases," Witty said. With this latest case, there are now four people infected with coronavirus on British soil.

      There are also more Brits identified with the coronavirus in other parts of Europe. Yesterday, Paris reported the identification of five British people infected in the French region of Haute-Savoie and today we have learned of the second case in Spain, specifically in Palma de Mallorca, also a British resident on the island. 

      K-POP: The group Seventeen has announced that it is cancelling its world tour because of fear of the coronavirus. The tour was scheduled to stop in Madrid, Paris, London and Berlin.

      Hubei Province where the original outbreak of the coronavirus originated, is living through a week of horror because of the disease. However, the number of cases outside that region continues to decline for the fifth consecutive day.

      Mi Feng, a member of the National Health Commission of China, has found that new cases detected outside Hubei province have dropped by 42.8% compared to last Monday.

      BRAZIL: Two Brazilian evacuation planes have arrived in Fortaleza with several passengers evacuated from Wuhan. They are 34 Brazilians, four Poles, one Chinese and one Indian.

      CORONAVIRUS RECOVERIES UPDATE: A total of 2,649 patients have been discharged so far after recovering from the coronavirus in China. The gap between the numbers cured and sick is large, but it is demonstrated that the coronavirus, despite not having a definitive therapy, can be fought.

      Journalist DISAPPEARED: Chen Qiushi, who was reporting on the coronavirus in Wuhan, has been reported missing. This journalist had been critical of the way the Chinese government was acting through the social networks.

      Family members have stated that Chen Qiushi is in a forced quarantine and fear the worst: it could be a case similar to that of Dr. Li Wenliang, who warned of the coronavirus before anyone else and was silenced to death. 

      Fangxian, Hubei Province: $142 is being paid to each person who enters a hospital if any symptoms of coronavirus are recognized. This possibility is only valid until Feb. 18.

      WESTERDAM: The cruise ship Westerdam is looking for a port to dock immediately after being denied entry to ports in Taiwan, the Philippines and Japan without any cases of coronavirus. 

      HONG KONG: The former British colony has given the go-ahead for the 3,600 occupants of the World Dream cruise ship to disembark, which was immobilized and quarantined for possible cases of coronavirus.

      Three crew members of the World Dream were suspected of having the coronavirus, as they began to feel ill and to exhibit some common symptoms of this new disease. However, tests have ruled out that they have a coronavirus.

      SPAIN: The National Center of Microbiology has confirmed a case of coronavirus in Mallorca. This is one of the people who have been under surveillance since Friday at the Hospital Universitario Son Espases in Palma de Mallorca.

      In principle, the coronavirus would have progressed in the body of the eldest daughter of the British couple who was under surveillance. 

      From the hospital it was reported that neither the parents nor the youngest daughter showed signs of illness; while the firstborn, aged 13, did test positive for influenza B.

      This is the second case of coronavirus confirmed in Spain. The first one was a German in La Gomera, who has been in quarantine for days and is evolving favourably.

      NEW STUDY: A new German research suggests that SARS and MERS coronaviruses can live up to nine days on a surface. 

      This data is revealing since the Wuhan coronavirus cannot be fought with therapies but it can be prevented. In addition, Chinese hospitals are where most infections 

      SINGAPORE: Singapore's Ministry of Health has confirmed seven new cases within its borders. The communiqué issued raises the number of cases of coronavirus infection to 40 and reports that five of them are directly related to previously detected cases.

      MALAYSIA: The Malaysian government announced last Friday that it is continuing its ban on flights from Hubei province and has 212 Malays pending repatriation.

      Malaysian state news agency Bernama has confirmed that Malaysia has 16 patients infected with coronavirus. Of these, a dozen are Chinese and four are Malaysian.

      THE DIAMOND PRINCESS: In the absence of official confirmation from the Government of Japan, six more cases of coronavirus have been detected on board the Diamond Princess cruise ship, which is currently stationed in the port of Yokohama.

      In addition, nine passengers were disembarked due to medical problems unrelated to the coronavirus and were placed in quarantine.

      If these new cases are confirmed, based on the information of a passenger, the figures of the Diamond Princess cruise would rise to 70 infected, which would give Japan 96 cases of coronavirus.

      CORONAVIRUS NAME CHANGE: China's National Health Commission intends to change the name of the Wuhan's coronavirus so as not to stigmatize the population of this city and Chinese citizens. Pending a final name, novel coronavirus pneumonia or PCP will be used.

      It is still not known by what name the coronavirus will be named. However, the use of novel coronavirus pneumonia or PCN will be mandatory for all Chinese public administrations until there is consensus on the new name.

      The Chinese Ministry of Health is taking this step seriously and has sent a final proposal with possible names to different scientific publications and journalists to start reporting the coronavirus under its new official name.

      CORONAVIRUS MORTALITY ON THE RISE: The coronavirus has been increasing its mortality since it became known a few weeks ago. The daily data are always worse than the previous day. In this sense, this new disease has gone from causing 8 deaths on January 23rd to 89 on February 9th.

      UNITED KINGDOM: More than 200 British subjects have been evacuated this past morning from Wuhan on what will be the last flight connecting Wuhan, the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak, to the United Kingdom.

      VIETNAM: The Vietnamese government has already made public 13 cases of coronavirus. In addition, 1,000 Vietnamese returnees from China and 500 other citizens who have been in the vicinity have been immediately quarantined for control and monitoring.

      GERMANY: The German government has raised the number of cases of coronavirus within its borders to 14. Twelve of the cases have been detected in Bavaria while the other two are in Hesse.

      Saturday has been the worst day for coronavirus deaths in China. Yesterday 89 deaths were recorded. Since the beginning of the crisis of this disease, these death rates have not been reached.

      Coronavirus in CHINA: The Chinese government expects today to be one of the deadliest days ever. Cases of coronavirus infections and deaths are on the rise and do not appear to be stopping in the short term in China.

      Chinese President Xi Jinping has chosen Chen Yixin to proactively engage in the Chinese authorities' response to the coronavirus.

      Chen's appointment strengthens the frontline team working to contain the outbreak, which also includes Chinese Health Minister Wang Hejun.

      WUHAN virus update

      It has been several weeks since the city of Wuhan, where the coronavirus originated, is a ghost town. People are confined to their homes and do not go out into the streets, yet they still need food, which is becoming increasingly scarce.

      A study published last Friday in the Journal of the American Medical Association proved that 41% of the first 138 patients admitted to Wuhan hospital were infected at the same health facility. 

      The World Health Organization is rapidly mobilizing to organize a global forum of research and innovation in Switzerland to call for international action in response to the coronavirus.

      The goal of the global forum, to be held on February 11 and 12, is to find an effective way to fight the coronavirus based on previous research on SARS and MERS coronavirus.

      MORE CASES in JAPAN: Japan's Ministry of Health has also recently confirmed that three new coronaviruses have been detected on the Diamond Princess cruise ship, which is quarantined off the Japanese coast. 

      ⬛ This brings the total number of cases on the ship to 64. 

      More Coronavirus cases worldwide: Yesterday the number of coronavirus cases increased outside the borders of China. Five British nationals, including a child, have tested positive for coronavirus at a ski resort in Contamines-Montjoie, eastern France.

      The 2003 SARS outbreak claimed the lives of 774 people in more than two dozen countries while another 8,000 became ill. The latest data on the coronavirus, with more than 800 deaths, already places it as a more deadly disease.


      There is a new drop in the mobile congress that will be held soon in Barcelona. The American company Nvidia has decided that its employees will not attend the MWC to avoid possible infections of coronavirus.

      Despite the numerous efforts of the GSMA, organizer of the fair, Nvidia is the third company to decide not to attend the MWC because of the coronavirus.

      LG Electronics and Ericsson are the other two companies that will not attend the most important technological event.

      How the virus effects sports

      The coronavirus is also affecting the sporting arena. The English Manchester United is currently on a stage in Marbella and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the coach of the Red Devils, will not be able to count on Odion Ighalo because of this contagious disease.

      United's newest signing, with a past in Spain, has had to stay in England because his home team is China's Shanghai Shenhua. The Nigerian has been in China for the past 14 days and is not guaranteed to be able to re-enter England again due to coronavirus precautions. 

      PANGOLIN The Usual Suspect 

      The latest information suggests that the pangolin could be the host transmitting the coronavirus. This mammal, victim of a large exploitation on the black market, would have infected the bats of the Wuhan market.

      Even so, it is still early to be sure that pangolin is the origin of the coronavirus. However, it is true that this mammal, which is considered a delicacy in Asian culture, is the most likely intermediate host.

      UNITED STATES: The last Americans evacuated from Wuhan have already arrived in the U.S. In total, 800 people have been repatriated, the State Department said.

      ⬛ Next week a commission of WHO experts will travel to Wuhan to manage the coronavirus crisis after being given the green light by the authorities.


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