Coronavirus has already killed 636 people | 31,000 infections in China | Coronavirus Update

Cases of infection double every four days and the balance of deaths from coronavirus increases steadily. 

In China alone, 636 people have died by 2019-nCoV and 31,161 infections have been diagnosed, according to official data published by the National Health Commission of China. 

 In the list of deaths yesterday was added the doctor Li Wenliang, who was reprimanded by the police in early January when he raised the alarm about this disease that could be similar to SARS.

 To the 636 deaths in China should be added the two other deaths recorded in the Philippines and in Hong Kong.

Wuhan's pneumonia data.
Wuhan's pneumonia data.

No one knows yet how far the total number will go, but in the Asian giant there are 4,821 patients who are seriously ill with Wuhan's pneumonia. Some 1,540 people have already been discharged since the disease began to spread in early January.

Coronavirus: Wuhan increases the screening by going house to house

This Thursday alone, 73 new deaths occurred, 69 of which were in the east-central province of Hubei, of which Wuhan is the capital and epicentre of the outbreak. In Wuhan alone, authorities have increased surveillance of people by going house to house and increasing mass confinement in quarantine centres. Increasingly extreme measures are being taken to try and stop the spread.

According to The New York Times, the mortality rate of those infected with the coronavirus is 4.1% in Wuhan, while in the rest of the country the figure drops to 0.17%. China accounts for more than 99% of the world's infected people, but there are already cases of coronavirus in almost 30 countries as can be seen in the daily updated interactive from Johns Hopkins University.

Just this Friday, Japanese authorities confirmed that they have detected 41 new cases of 2019-nCoV on the Diamond Princess cruise ship that is docked in the port of Yokohama. Japanese authorities quarantined the ship on Monday and have asked some 3,700 passengers not to leave it for about two weeks while medical checks are carried out.

61 confirmed infections on the Diamond Princess cruise ship.
61 confirmed Coronavirus infections on the Diamond Princess cruise ship.

There are already 61 confirmed infections on the Diamond Princess cruise ship.

With these cases, the total number of people affected on the ship is 61, making Japan the second country with the most cases of coronavirus infection with 86.

Fearing the virus spread, Asian governments are stepping up controls to prevent the spread of misinformation about the coronavirus or messages that cause further scaremongering.

Hong Kong police have even arrested a shopping mall security guard for posting on his social networks that several colleagues were on sick leave. This message, according to Bloomberg, was interpreted by the authorities as "causing panic" and generating "paranoia".

Authorities in Malaysia, India, Indonesia and Thailand have joined China in cracking down on "misinformation" or " fake news" with arrests and the threat of jail. More than 20 people have been arrested on this issue.

 In Hong Kong they are buying toilet paper in bulk because of fears of shortages due to the coronavirus.

For its part, the World Health Organization (WHO) has commissioned a report from the University of Danube Krems (Austria) to disprove all the conspiracy theories and fake news that keep circulating about the coronavirus.

In addition, the WHO has called scientists from around the world investigating Wuhan's pneumonia to a meeting in Geneva on 11 and 12 February. The aim is to accelerate the development of diagnostic tests, vaccines and drugs against this disease.

Action being taken to prevent the spread of the coronavirus?
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