Corona virus update: Latest developments and the most prominent facts.

Amidst news that worries the world about the continuing "hemorrhage" caused by the emerging Coronavirus, China announced on Sunday, a new death toll from the Covid-19 virus.

The coronavirus outbreak, covid-19 (2019 nCoV).
The coronavirus outbreak, covid-19 (2019 nCoV).

China reported that it had revealed a new 2009 case on the mainland, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 68,500, according to the country's National Health Committee.

The committee noted in a report that "the death rate remained stable at 142 new deaths, while the death toll from (Covid-19) in the mainland so far reached 1665, and 9,419 people recovered and were discharged from hospitals."

The outbreak began last December in Wuhan, capital of Hubei province. Since then, the virus has spread to more than 24 countries, prompting the Chinese government to take comprehensive preventive measures, including closing cities with a population of more than 60 million.

South Korea Coronavirus update

South Korea said on Sunday that it would evacuate Koreans from a quarantine cruise ship in the Japanese port of Yokohama after 355 people on board were infected with the virus.

"The government intends to return these Koreans to their homeland if their tests are negative and they wish to return," said Minister of Health and Social Welfare Pak Nong-ho, in a press briefing.

It has about 3,700 passengers and crew on board. The United States and Hong Kong said they would send aircraft to evacuate their citizens from the ship.

A ban on the movement of vehicles in Hubei

The government of China's Hubei Province, the epicenter of the outbreak of the Coronavirus, said on Sunday that it would impose a ban on the movement of vehicles across the region to curb the spread of the disease.

They added in a published official document that the vehicles exempt from the ban are police and ambulances and those that transport essential goods that are linked to public services.

The government indicated that the region would conduct periodic health checks for all its residents. Also companies would not be allowed to return to work without receiving permission from the government.

Aircraft to evacuate the injured from the "infected" ship

The Canadian government said in a statement that it had allocated a plane to evacuate its citizens stuck on the "Diamond Princess" cruise ship docked in Yokohama, Japan.

The government stated that Canadian passengers who had symptoms of corona virus infection would not be allowed to board the plane and would instead be transferred to the Japanese health care system for appropriate treatment.

⬛ The statement added that after arriving in Canada, the passengers would be subjected to a 14-day quarantine.

For its part, the United States and Hong Kong said that they would send planes to Japan to return passengers from the ship that recorded the most significant number of coronavirus infections outside China.

On Sunday, Japanese Health Minister Katsunobu Kato announced that 355 people had been infected with Corona virus on the cruise ship.

Katsunobu said during an interview on the Japanese official "NHK" so far; we have put 1,219 people on the ship for examination. Of these, 355 of them were positive in terms of infection, including 73 who did not show any symptoms, "a rise of 70 casualties from The last government toll.

Britain and the "reassuring" statistic

All but one of the British patients who have been diagnosed with Corona virus have been discharged from hospital, except for one.

He was the first Briton to be infected with the virus, who received the infection from a man from Brighton, in a French ski resort.

According to reports, the virus was caught by a British businessman when he was in Singapore and then went to a resort in the Alps where he transmitted the infection to 4 other people, three men, and a woman.

⬛ In York, a college student and his mother were infected with the virus, according to the British newspaper "Daily Mail."

It is believed that the last victim, who was diagnosed in London on February 12, has arrived in the country from China a few days ago infected with the Corona virus.

⬛ It was not clear which of the nine patients who had contracted the virus remained in hospital.

It is noteworthy that the number of cases that were placed under quarantine in Britain amounted to 106. In contrast, the number of those whose test results were negative with the virus reached 83 cases.