CHINA | Doctors saved more than 10 patients with pneumonia by transfusing blood with antibodies

Donor blood plasma undergoes a special procedure during which dangerous viruses are inactivated.

China wuhan coronavirus, covid-19.
China wuhan coronavirus, covid-19.

Chinese doctors have developed an effective way to treat a new type of pneumonia by transfusing plasma from donors recovering from this disease.

According to the report of the State Property Control and Management Committee of the People's Republic of China published on Thursday evening, this method has saved more than 10 patients who were already in critical condition.

WHO sets priorities to contain COVID-19  Coronavirus.
WHO sets priorities to contain COVID-19  Coronavirus.

Pneumonia in China. What is known about the new virus and how dangerous is it?
The agency indicates that the blood of the new type of pneumonia contains a large number of antibodies that are effective in the fight against coronavirus. 

The donor's blood plasma undergoes a special procedure that inactivates dangerous viruses. After this, the plasma with antibodies is injected to the seriously ill patient.

The clinical picture has changed, and within 12-24 hours after such therapy, laboratory studies have confirmed a significant decrease in the indicators of inflammatory processes. 

The proportion of lymphocytes in the blood has increased, the degree of its oxygen saturation has also increased, the viral load on the body has improved, and the clinical picture has improved, the statement says.

The 2019-nCoV virus, which appeared in China late last year, continues to spread around the world, becoming an international emergency situation. 

⬛ By February 13, more than 59 thousand people had been infected in two dozen countries. 

⬛ More than a thousand people have become victims of the disease.

On December 31, authorities in the Chinese city of Wuhan (the administrative center of Hubei Province) reported that an unknown type of pneumonia had spread. 

At that time, 27 cases had been registered. 

⬛ Most of them were related to the city's seafood market, which is now closed.

By February 13, 1,368 people had died of pneumonia. The total number of those infected exceeded 59 thousand: most of them are in China. Cases have been registered in other countries - Thailand, Japan, South Korea, USA, Singapore, Vietnam, Nepal, Australia, Cambodia, Germany, Malaysia, France, UAE, Finland, India, Philippines, Italy, UK, Belgium and others. Initially, these were patients who came from China, but on January 29 in Japan they recorded the first case of domestic infection. 

Within a month, the spread was greater than the SARS outbreak in 2002-2003. 

According to the State Committee on Healthcare of China, the disease will peak on February 13-17.

On 30 January, WHO recognized an outbreak of pneumonia caused by coronavirus 2019-nCoV as an international emergency. And qualified it as an epidemic with numerous outbreaks.

On 31 January, two infected Chinese citizens were identified in the Trans-Baikal Territory and the Tyumen Region. They received medical care and were discharged by February 12. 

The Ministry of Health found it difficult to predict the development of a new type of coronavirus, but is preparing for its possible large-scale spread.