Third British coronavirus patient was diagnosed today in Brighton | Coronavirus 2020.

Third British patient diagnosed with Coronavirus almost a week after his mother and son passed a positive test in York.

Coronavirus in the UK.
Coronavirus in the UK.

The third British coronavirus patient is believed to be a Briton who has been infected with the virus outside China.

The public health service in England said the patient had not visited the mainland (China), but had instead caught this highly contagious virus "in other Asian countries" before returning to the UK sometime last week.

Confirmed cases of 2019-nCoV.
Confirmed cases of 2019-nCoV, 2020.

Paramedics in protective suits are picking up a third Coronavirus victim in York.

On Sunday evening, after experiencing flu-like symptoms, he went to the emergency room of Royal Sussex in Brighton, where they were tested and monitored for fatal diseases.

When positive results arrived this morning, they were quarantined for at least two weeks in a specialist infectious disease unit in a London hospital.

The Department of Health refused to disclose whether the patient was a British citizen or where exactly he had contracted the disease.

The coronavirus epidemic has so far claimed 565 lives and infected over 28,500 people in 28 countries and areas of the world - but 99% of those infected were in China.

The latter case gives cause for concern that the virus is now circulating outside the mainland in greater numbers than previously thought.

NHS is now expected to warn general practitioners that patients with symptoms from other Asian countries will be put on red alert.  

This comes against the backdrop of a strong government response to the outbreak after 16 countries, including the US and Australia, banned anyone who had been in China within the last two weeks from entering the country. 

Dozens of travellers from the affected country (China) pour into the UK every day without having been properly tested for infection, leading to calls for a similar ban on blankets. 

It is expected that the authorities update the travel advice later this evening, as speculation circulates that Britain is prepared to increase its travel and security restrictions.  

And experts have warned the UK to focus on more cases after the footage of paramedics in protective suits hanging over a house in York.

Currently, more than 28,000 people are infected with coronavirus and 565 people have died worldwide.

Professor Chris Whitty, England's chief medical officer, said at a press conference this afternoon that a person had caught the virus somewhere in Asia, but "not in mainland China."

According to him, the government is currently advising to people who came to a number of Asian countries and returned to the UK with symptoms to isolate themselves immediately and seek advice from NHS 111.

Tonight, DoH will release a list of Asian countries where coronavirus risk is high. 

Anyone who shows symptoms from these countries will now be tested for the disease, while previously this only applied to those who returned from Wuhan.

However, the head physician did not disclose whether the last patient was a British citizen on vacation in Asia.

Heads of health services around the world are in a state of red alarm in case of outbreaks of the disease, as the virus can spread by a simple cough or sneeze and can live for a short period of time on inanimate objects such as door handles and countertops.

The patient is currently being transferred to the High-Impact Airborne Disease Infection (AHCID) unit in London, where he is held for at least two weeks - the incubation period of the disease.

Only four hospitals in England are equipped with such wards, two of which are located in the capital - Royal Freedom and Guy and the St. Thomas NHS Trust.

Access to these departments is limited by a team of trained medical personnel who must wear protective gowns, masks, visors and gloves.

Coronavirus, 2020 data.
Coronavirus updates. 

Wenliang (Wuhan City), one of the eight doctors who tried to warn about the appearance of the coronavirus died after not being able to overcome the virus.

At a press conference in Geneva (Switzerland), the executive director of the Health Emergencies Program of the World Health Organization (WHO), Mike Ryan, has confirmed his death and conveyed his condolences. 

"We are deeply sad. We have to celebrate the work he did in the fight against the coronavirus, " he said.

Coronavirus cases

A total of 19 foreigners have been infected with the new coronavirus in China, two of which have been cured and discharged, while 17 are being treated in isolation, as announced today by the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of China, Hua Chunying.

There are also thirteen confirmed cases of coronaviruses in Germany.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has commissioned a team of researchers from an Austrian university to disprove conspiracy theories and 'fake news' about the new coronavirus.

Coronavirus cases in Nepal, Cambodja, Belgium, Spain, Finland, Sweden and Sri Lanka.
  • 5 in the United Arab Emirates
  • 3 in India
  • 2 in Italy
  • 2 in Russia
  • 2 in the Philippines
  • 2 in the United Kingdom
  • 12 in Malaysia
  • 10 in Vietnam
  • 10 in Macao
  • 6 in France
  • 5 in Canada
  • 23 in South Korea
  • 16 in Taiwan
  • 14 in Australia
  • 12 in Germany
  • 12 in the United States
  • 20,088 in Mainland China
  • 45 in Japan
  • 28 in Singapore
  • 25 in Thailand
  • 24 in Hong Kong
  • 28,353 confirmed cases of coronavirus

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