US election 2020: According to media reports, US secret services assume that Russia wants to interfere in the election campaign again in order to help President Donald Trump (73) win the elections again.

President Trump and vladimir Putin.
President Trump and vladimir Putin.

Senior intelligence officials told House of Representatives in a confidential meeting, the New York Times, the Washington Post and CNN reported unanimously on Thursday evening (local time). A spokesman for the Intelligence Committee only confirmed that last week's hearing was indeed about "the integrity" of the November presidential election.

According to the US secret services, Russia had already interfered in the election campaign in 2016 in favour of the Republican candidate Trump. Trump denies this. Republicans interpreted the findings of the secret services as meaning that Russia primarily wanted to create chaos and insecurity, but did not support a particular candidate.

Suspicions of collaboration between Trump's campaign and Moscow led to a lengthy investigation by the special investigator Robert Mueller after the election.

According to media reports, the new findings of the secret services now suggest that Russia intends to interfere in both the Democratic primary elections this year and the actual presidential election. It remained unclear at first, however, what evidence was presented to the Members of Parliament to prove this in detail. 

⬛ Some of the Republican parliamentarians are said to have questioned the credibility of the intelligence services' findings, it was further stated.

According to reports, Trump wanted to prevent the confidential briefing of the parliament in order not to give the democrats any ammunition against him. Should this be true, the chairman of the intelligence committee, Democrat Adam Schiff, said the President was sabotaging efforts to prevent any foreign interference in the election. 

"He's doing exactly what we warned about," Schiff wrote on Twitter. He was apparently alluding to the impeachment proceedings against Trump, in which the Democrats had accused him of coercing Ukraine to support him in the election.

One of the Democratic presidential candidates, Senator Elizabeth Warren, accused Trump of "undermining the integrity of our democracy. "Russia is again interfering in our elections to get Trump elected," she wrote in response to reports on Twitter.

The investigation by special investigator Robert Mueller examined whether there were secret agreements between the Trump camp and Russia during the 2016 presidential election campaign - and whether Trump obstructed justice. 

Mueller found no evidence for the first element in his final report presented in March 2019, leaving the second open. At the same time, he emphasized that he was not relieving Trump of the charge of obstruction of justice. Trump always rejected the accusations and spoke of a "witch hunt".

The Russia investigation must be seen separately from the Democratic investigations in the US House of Representatives in the Ukraine affair, which formed the basis for the impeachment proceedings against Trump - ultimately halted by the Republicans in the Senate.