Thai doctors claim they created a "cocktail" of medicine | Coronavirus 2020

Thai doctors claim to have achieved significant results against the new coronavirus by mixing conventional antiviral drugs with HIV medications, Reuters reports in Bangkok.

Coronavirus Thailand, 2020.
Coronavirus Thailand, 2020.

⚫ After taking such a cocktail, even in serious patients, the condition improves within 48 hours, the doctors said. (Bangkok: Coronavirus, 2020)

Thai doctors claim they created a cure for the virus.
Thai doctors claim they created a cure for the virus, Coronavirus, 2020.

Coronavirus (Thailand): The method has been tested in a hospital in Bangkok, where several patients, including a 70-year-old Chinese woman from Wuhan, whose tests showed the virus for ten consecutive days and whose condition was quite severe.

One of the patients did have an allergic reaction, but the doctors said he was insignificant and his condition was improving overall as well.

The formula includes such drugs for HIV therapy as lopinavir and ritonavir combined with a high dose of antiviral oseltamivir.

The idea of using some of these components to treat coronavirus is not new. 

Last week the Russian Ministry of Health also suggested using lopinavir and ritonavir but in combination with two other drugs.

However, specialists of the Russian analytical company RNC Pharma doubted the proposal, saying that each of the proposed components has many side effects.

In Thailand, 19 cases of coronavirus infection have been reported. Thai doctors, for their part, have taken oseltamivir, a more predictable drug.

"We followed internationally accepted practices, but our doctors simply increased the dose of one of the medicines," explains Somsak Akslim, General Manager of Thailand's Medical Services Department.

Thai doctors said their Chinese colleagues have already adopted the new treatment method.

A new hospital was built in Wuhan in ten days.

"The prognosis is good, but comprehensive research must be done to consider it a remedy against coronavirus," says Kriangska Atipornvanich, a pulmonologist at Bangkok Hospital.

In Thailand, 19 cases of coronavirus infection have been reported. Eight patients have fully recovered and have been discharged from the hospital, 11 remain under medical supervision.

The country's Ministry of Health will hold a meeting Monday to discuss the successful treatment of a 70-year-old patient, Somsak Akslim said. Still, it is too early to announce the new treatment applies to all cases.