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Coronavirus updateThe number of deaths from the coronavirus outbreak in mainland China was 1,770 at the end of Sunday, an increase of 105 from the previous day, according to the country's National Health Commission.

At least 100 of the new deaths came from Hubei Province, the epicenter of the epidemic, the commission said Monday morning. There were 2,048 new confirmed infections nationwide, about 1,933 from Hubei alone, bringing the number of new infections to 70,548.

Coronavirus update.
Coronavirus update.

Coronavirus update (2/16/20, 10:41) Start.

Coronavirus: Update on the virus in Spain, China and the WHO.
France confirms the first death by the coronavirus outside Asia. The President of the People's Republic of China, Xi Jinping, gave the first orders on the outbreak of the coronavirus on January 7, 13 days before his first public comment on Covid-19, on January 20.  

Finally, today it was also revealed that China started fighting the coronavirus earlier than previously known. In China, one of the measures being taken by banks to stop the spread of Covid-19, which has already killed more than 1,500 people, is to disinfect banknotes.  

In addition, the World Health Organization (WHO) has announced that it is "impossible" to predict the direction that China's coronavirus will take and has expressed "concern" about the "growing number of cases" in that country.

For its part, the United States has said it would send a plane to Japan to bring back American passengers from the quarantined Diamond Princess cruise ship, where most of the coronavirus infections have occurred outside China. 

In the case of Spain, the two patients admitted for coronavirus in La Gomera and Palma de Mallorca, respectively, were also discharged yesterday after testing negative in the latest tests. 

On the other hand, some medical discharges were also celebrated today. Yesterday it was known that up to 8,000 Chinese had already been discharged and today eight of the nine patients admitted for coronavirus in the UK have also been discharged. 

The death of the Chinese patient in France is the fourth death by Covid-19 outside China, after three other deaths in Hong Kong, the Philippines and Japan. In addition, 143 new deaths were recorded in China yesterday. 

According to the latest data, the coronavirus has already left at least 1,524 dead, more than 66,000 infected, and as we have already noted, today the first fatality in Europe was known, specifically in France. Coronavirus update (2/15/20, 10:41 PM) Finish.

Coronavirus update (2/15/20, 10:41 PM) start.
Emili Rousaud, institutional vice president of Barça, said that "in the face of the health crisis that China is experiencing with the coronavirus and, taking advantage of the universal resonance of a soccer match at Camp Nou, the Catalan club wants to express a message of support and solidarity with the Chinese people. 

20:33 With this initiative, FC Barcelona, second classified of the First Division, also intends to send a message against the stigmatization and cases of discrimination that the Chinese population is suffering since the appearance of the coronavirus

20:28 In the central circle of the field, during the warm-up of both teams and the players leaving the field, a canvas with the same motto was displayed and showing that the world of football is no stranger to Covid-19.  

20:23 FOOTBALL ⚽ | Barcelona and Getafe, who have played the twenty-fourth day of the Santander League with a 2-1 win, have jumped to the Camp Nou accompanied by children in T-shirts with the motto 'Stronger together' (together we are stronger) in solidarity with the Chinese people for the coronavirus epidemic. 

20:18 To Hubei Coronavirus update: A total of 217 medical teams consisting of 25,633 health professionals have already arrived - of which 20,000 are stationed in Wuhan - to face the coronavirus. Yesterday 143 new deaths were added to the total death toll in China.

20:13 China Coronavirus update: continues to fight against COVID-19, especially priming itself with the province where the outbreak originated, Hubei, where the number of infections increases, especially after reviewing the criteria to consider a person infected. 

20:08 In the Asian country, the coronavirus has today passed the barrier of 1,500 deaths. The total number of deaths is already 1,523, with more than 66,000 cases detected. Of course, more than 8,000 people have been discharged after overcoming the disease. 20:03 Even so, the concern for the coronavirus remains worldwide. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) said today that it is "impossible" to predict the direction that Covid-19 will take and expressed "concern" over the "growing number of cases" in China. 

19:58 Coronavirus update⚠️ | Therefore, with the additions of those admitted to La Gomera and Palma de Mallorca, respectively, Spain is already free of coronavirus without any other registered case. 19:53 In Palma de Mallorca, history was repeated. The British patient infected with coronavirus also tested negative for the latest tests and was also discharged yesterday.

19:48 The first case of coronavirus in Spain was a German in La Gomera, who remained admitted several days. After evolving favorably and finally giving negative, he was discharged yesterday. 

 19:43 Similar situation that has lived Spain. Until a few hours ago, two people were admitted to La Gomera and Palma de Mallorca after testing positive for coronaviruses, but they have also been discharged. 

 19:38 The daughter of the dead patient, who traveled with him to France for tourism, the virus was also spread and was treated in the same hospital. Still, it has evolved favorably and will be discharged soon.

19:33 The first death in Europe of a coronavirus patient occurred Friday in France yesterday, where an 80-year-old Chinese tourist who had been hospitalized since January 25 in Paris died, French Health Minister Agnès Buzyn reported today. 

19:28 Another 94 citizens who were admitted to the Arrowe Park hospital in northwestern England have also been declared free of Covid-19, as a precaution after arriving in this country on a flight from China.

19:23 CORONAVIRUS | Although today the first death in Europe due to coronavirus has been lamented, some medical discharges have also been celebrated in the old continent. In the United Kingdom, eight of the nine infected patients have been discharged. 

19:18 In addition, President Xi Jinping said earlier this month that  China should do everything possible to maintain economic and social control in its fight against the coronavirus epidemic, and avoid causing a panic that could lead to "disasters" secondary. 

19:13 Therefore, while at the beginning of January, the leaders in Wuhan were giving open assurances that there was no clear evidence of transmission from person to person, Xi Jinping was already paying attention to the coronavirus outbreak. 

 19:08 In a speech on Saturday, Xi points out that he had initially given orders about the outbreak of coronavirus on January 7, while his first public comment on the epidemic was on January 20, which puts the Chinese president in the fight against the epidemic sooner than previously known. 

19:03 CHINA |  According to the New York Times, the president of the People's Republic of China, Xi Jinping, issued internal orders for the coronavirus in early January, about two weeks before his first public comments on the outbreak, underlining his concern.

19:00 "In WHO, we are concerned about the potential crisis that this coronavirus could cause in countries with weaker health systems" than that of China, where the latest official information numbers 1,523 the number of deaths. 

18:55 WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION | The World Health Organization (WHO) has affirmed today that it is "impossible" to predict the direction that the coronavirus will take and has expressed "concern" about the "increasing number of cases" in that country, according to its general director, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

18:50 The latest official information in 1,523 shows the number of deaths from this disease in China, and today there was the first death of a patient with a coronavirus in Europe, an 80-year-old Chinese tourist who was hospitalized in Paris

18:45 The Argentine consul in ChinaJuan Ortín, assured the TN television channel that in Wuhan, there are eleven Argentines and three spouses, who for three weeks have not been able to leave that city to prevent the spread of COVID-19 that was detected in December. 

18:40 On the other hand, the Argentinians who are in quarantine by the Coronavirus in Wuhan may leave China on a plane from the Government of Ukraine on Tuesday. Upon arrival in Kyiv, they must remain isolated for two weeks, the Argentine Foreign Ministry said Saturday.

18:35 The deceased, an 80-year-old Chinese tourist, is the fourth fatality left by Covid-19 outside of China, after three other deaths in Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Japan. It was the first death in Europe

18:30 COUNT, Coronavirus update⚠️ | At this time, the coronavirus - also called Covid-19 - has left at least 1,524 dead, more than 66,000 infected, and today the first fatality has been known in Europe, specifically in France. 18:25 The case of Westerdam It took place after the Japanese authorities quarantined another cruise ship, the Diamond Princess, where at least 218 of its 3,700 people on board have tested positive for the coronavirus. 

18:20 ✈️ | After detecting the new case of coronavirus tonight, Malaysian authorities have canceled all flights from Cambodia. This affects at least 300 passengers who still expected to travel through that route, including at least 3 Spaniards. 

18:15 The company said it obtained permission to disembark the 1,455 passengers and 802 crew of the cruise after twenty blood samples were negative, and the passengers began to be transferred to the airports at the start of the process of returning to their countries.

18:10 The cruise is the Westerdam, of the Holland America Line shipping company and in which seven Spaniards were traveling, and docked early Friday morning at the port of Sihanoukville. The husband of the coronavirus infected test negative.

18:05 CAMBODIA |  An 83-year-old American woman who was traveling on the cruise ship that landed in Cambodia on Friday after being rejected by several countries, has tested positive for COVID-19 at a checkpoint in Kuala Lumpur

18:00 But it is not clear how broad the impact the central bank disinfection work will have, with a growing number of Chinese who prefer mobile payments rather than cash in recent years. In 2017, almost three-quarters of Chinese respondents said in an Ipsos survey that they could survive an entire month without using more than 100 yuan in cash. 

17:58 The Chinese central bank made an "emergency issuance" of 4 billion yuan in new bills to Hubei province, the center of the coronavirus outbreak, before the recent lunar new year holiday, Fan added.
The measures are intended to "ensure the safety and health of the public when cash is used," he said.

5:54 PM Fan Yifei, deputy governor of China's central bank, said Saturday that banks were urged to provide new tickets to customers whenever possible to prevent the spread of the coronavirus through cash.

17:50 Office buildings have installed packages of tissues in the elevators that users must use when pressing the buttons. At the same time, the transport company Didi urges drivers to disinfect their cars daily. 

17:46 Coronavirus update 😷 Pharmacies across the country sold disinfectants and surgical masks days after closure was announced at the end of January in Wuhan, where Covid-19 coronavirus is believed to have emerged.

17:42 The coronavirus, which has infected more than 66,000 people in China and has spread to more than two dozen countries, has caused a rush to disinfect public places and minimize contact between people. 

17:42 Banks use ultraviolet light or high temperatures to disinfect yuan bills, then seal and store cash for 7 to 14 days, depending on the severity of the coronavirus outbreak in the particular region, before recirculating, the Central Bank of China at a press conference. 17:38 China is disinfecting and isolating used banknotes as part of efforts to stop the spread of the coronavirus that has killed more than 1,500 people, authorities said.

17:34 Coronavirus update 💰 DISINFECTION | Chinese banks disinfect bills to stop the spread of coronavirus. 17:30 On the cancellation of the congress for fear of the expansion of the coronavirus, Hoffman has said that they were forced to make the decision, which he described as incredibly complicated: "It's not that we wanted to take it because we wanted the MWC to be held, but it was impossible." 

17:22 📌 CATALUNYA (MWC) | The CEO of the GSMA, John Hoffman, explained this Saturday that, after the cancellation of the Mobile World Congress (MWC), he told the head of operations of Fira de Barcelona: "On Monday morning we will start working on the 2021 edition of the MWC ". 

17:18 This Friday, 143 new deaths were added to the total death toll in China, which reaches 1,523, as well as 2,641 confirmed cases, which brings to more than 66,000 the total number of cases detected, while more than 8,000 people have been discharged after overcoming the coronavirus.

17:14 The COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus of Wuhan, today passed the barrier of 1,500 died in China, according to the latest statistics, as the country continues sending medical personnel to the province of Hubei, the epicenter of the outbreak, to try to contain the epidemic. 

17:10 🩺 China sends more doctors to Wuhan to fight coronavirus, which claims 1,500 lives 17:06 Quarantine of the Diamond Princess cruise ship. It will end on Wednesday. 

While some passengers were discouraged at the prospect of more time in the quarantine, others were more understanding. 17:02 The Diamond Princess cruise ship had about 3,700 passengers and the crew on board. Another 67 people have tested positive for the coronavirus, Japanese Health Minister Katsunobu Kato said on Saturday, bringing the total to 285 cases. 

Those who tested positive were transferred to Japanese hospitals. 16:58 The cruise Diamond Princess, owned by Carnival Corp, has been in quarantine since arriving in Yokohama on February 3, after a man who landed in Hong Kong before traveling to Japan was diagnosed with the coronavirus.

4:54 PM The Diamond Princess cruise ship, owned by Carnival Corp, has been in quarantine since arriving in Yokohama on February 3, after a man who landed in Hong Kong before traveling to Japan was diagnosed with the coronavirus. 16:50 Other countries could follow suit and ask that their citizens return from the Diamond Princess cruise ship before the quarantine period ends next week, a Japanese government representative told reporters. 

16:46 Japan confirmed that it was coordinating with the US Government for the Americans to abandon the cruise Diamond Princess and come home, saying that would ease your work to resolve the situation. 

16:42 He added that the passengers would be examined before the flight and that the US Government was working with Japan so that anyone with symptoms of coronavirus would receive adequate attention if they could not get on the plane. 16:36 "We understand that this is frustrating and an adjustment, but these measures are consistent with the careful policies we have instituted to limit the possible spread of the disease," said the US letter.

16:32 Passengers must undergo a new quarantine of 14 days upon arrival in the United States, and, if they decide not to return on the flight, they could not return home "for a period of time," the letter said. 16:28 The US embassy in Tokyo said on Saturday in a letter to passengers that a chartered plane would arrive in Japan on Sunday afternoon and recommended: "as a precaution" that US citizens disembark and return home for greater control. 

16:24 ✈ ️ EVACUATION | The United States said it would send a plane to Japan to bring back U.S. passengers from the cruise in quarantine Diamond Princess, where there have been most infections of coronavirus outside China. 16:20 Tedros Adhanom

"In WHO we are concerned about the potential crisis that this coronavirus could cause in countries with weaker health systems" than that of China, where the latest official information numbers 1,523 the number of deaths from the coronavirus of Wuhan. 16:16 Tedros Adhanom added that the experts of the organization work "closely" with those of China and expressed concern about the "rumors and misinformation" arising about the coronavirus.

16:12 THE FUTURE OF CORONAVIRUS | The World Health Organization ( WHO ) announced today that it is "impossible" to predict which direction the coronavirus of China and expressed "concern" about the "growing number of cases" in that country, according to CEO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. 16:08 The daughter of the dead patient, who traveled with him to France for tourism, also had the coronavirus and was treated in the same hospital, but has evolved favorably and will be discharged soon. 

16:04 The first death in Europe of a patient with coronavirus COVID-19 occurred Friday in France, where an 80-year-old Chinese tourist who had been hospitalized since January 25 in Paris died, French Health Minister Agnès Buzyn reported today. 16:00 A hundred more people remain in quarantine at the Kents Hill Park hotel in Milton Keynes, said the NHS spokesman. 

15:56 A further 94 citizens who were admitted to the Arrowe Park hospital in northwestern England have also been declared free of the coronavirus as a precaution after arriving in this country on a flight from China.

15:52 Eight of nine people diagnosed with the coronavirus in the United Kingdom have been discharged after giving negative in two successive clinical tests, the National Health Service (NHS) reported on Saturday. 15:48 Coronavirus update ⚠️  LAST HOUR  | Discharged 8 of the nine patients diagnosed with coronavirus United Kingdom. 15:44 Some of the companies acknowledged that they have not yet launched initiatives in this regard, except to communicate with their staff to stay safe. 

"The purpose of the meeting was to plant seeds of ideas, and it worked well," Pattison added. "I encouraged collaboration and innovation. Crises are a good time for this," he concluded. 15:40 Pattinson proposed to companies that they begin to verify the information themselves instead of trusting third parties. 

"Twitter and YouTube and other social networking sites are still flooded with erroneous information about the coronavirus, " explained Pattison, who refers to the problem as an "information or epidemic." 

15:36 Representatives of Twilio, Dropbox, Alphabet (Google Matrix), Verizon, Salesforce, and YouTube also attended the meeting, held on Thursday at Facebook headquarters in the city of Menlo Park (California, United States).

15:32 "The main topic of the discussion focused on the role that these companies would play in reducing the dissemination of disinformation about the coronavirus, " the representative of the UN agency told CNBC. the encounter, Andy Pattison. Coronavirus update 15:28 📰 FAKE NEWS | Responsible for the World Health Organization (WHO) has held a meeting this week with representatives from Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and Google, to discuss how to prevent the dissemination of false information about the coronavirus

15:24 " Chinese mood, "written in characters, is the phrase that the shirts of the members of Real Madrid will wear on their chest as they leave through the tunnel of the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, in a match set for 21.00 CET (20.00 GMT). 

15:20 ⚽ SUPPORT TO CHINA | Real Madrid players, in their Sunday game against Celta, on the twenty-fourth day of LaLiga Santander, will jump onto the pitch wearing a support shirt to the Chinese people, for the delicate moments they are living for the coronavirus ( COVID-19 ) 15:16 There have been other protests in other parts of the former British colony in which slogans such as "five lawsuits, not one less" have been expressed, widely used in recent months of protests, proclamations in favor of the independence of Hong Kong and has asked for the total closure of the border with the rest of China.

15:12 Later, a group of violent people attacked a clinic in which patients suspected of being infected by the coronavirus have been admitted. Specifically, it is the Tai Po Jockey Club General Out-patient Clinic, one of the 18 designated for the care of potential victims of the new disease, the Hong Kong Hospital Directorate reported. 

15:08 The demonstration has taken place without incident with about 500 participants, but at the end of it, a group of violent people has attacked the Tin Sau station, and the police have used pepper spray and made these 20 arrests, reports the South China newspaper Morning Post. 15:04 At least twenty people have been arrested this Saturday in the Hong Kong neighborhood of Tin Shui Wai in the framework of protests against the government for the management of the new outbreak of coronavirus that affects the region. A tram station and a clinic have been attacked during the protests. 

15:00 Coronavirus update 🚓 CORONAVIRUS MANAGEMENT | At least 20 detainees in Hong Kong in protests against the government over the management of the coronavirus. 14:56 The case of the Westerdam cruise took place after the Japanese authorities quarantined another ship, the Diamond Princess, where at least 218 of its 3,700 people on board have tested positive for the coronavirus.

14:52 The Westerdam cruise ship, which departed on day 1 of Hong Kong, was scheduled to arrive on Saturday in the Japanese city of Yokohama. Still, Japanese authorities denied entry after a person on board showed signs of being infected with the coronavirus from China. 14:48 "People speak with fear of COVID-19, but I think differently. When asked if Cambodia would allow the cruise ship to dock with passengers infected with coronavirus, the answer is as soon as possible since we cannot let patients die in the sea, "said Hun Sen, according to the Fresh news portal. 

14:44 The president of the Hun Sen Government invoked solidarity and the need to join efforts to fight the disease to explain his decision to authorize the arrival of the ship, which would have been requested by the embassies of the US and the European Union, and He said he would have done it even if some of the passengers had tested positive for the coronavirus

14:40 For his part, Zurab Pololikashvili, Secretary-General of the UNWTO, sent a letter to the Cambodian Prime Minister, Hun Sen, in which he expressed his "most sincere thanks and that of the UNWTO to the Royal Government of Cambodia for his extraordinary humanitarian response to the hurried situation of the Westerdam cruise, "according to the Cambodian pro-government portal FreshNews. 14:36 " I would like to thank Cambodia, especially the prime minister, for demonstrating to the world the meaning of solidarity, "he said. WHO Director General.

14:32 Meanwhile, the Director-General of WHOTedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, thanked Cambodia on Friday for allowing the ship to dock at Sihanoukville in a video conference from Kinshasa, where he was on an official visit. 

14:28 "We are happy for the satisfactory resolution of this complex trip that was complicated by unfounded fears arising from erroneous information about the medical condition of the guests and crew of the Westerdam cruise," the shipping company said in a statement. 14:24 Cambodia had accepted on Wednesday the arrival of the Westerdam cruise to its territory after it had been rejected by the authorities of Taiwan, the Philippines, Guam, and Thailand over the past two weeks. 

14:20 Holland America said it obtained permission to disembark the 1,455 passengers and 802 crew after twenty blood samples were negative in coronavirus after being examined yesterday in the laboratory of the Pasteur Institute of Phnom Penh. 

14:16 "Thank you to the beautiful country of Cambodia for accepting the Westerdam cruise from @CarnivalCruise (the US parent company that owns the cruise) in your port. The United States will remember your courtesy," he declared Donald Trump on Twitter early this Saturday.

2:12 pm The Westerdam cruiser, from the Holland America Line shipping company and in which seven Spaniards were traveling, had docked early Friday morning at the port of Sihanoukville, where local authorities and consular personnel from several countries were waiting, a day after anchoring in front of the coast. 14:08 "Thanks to the beautiful country of Cambodia for accepting the Westerdam cruise from @CarnivalCruise (the US parent company that owns the cruise) in your port. 

The United States will remember your courtesy," said Donald Trump on Twitter early this Saturday. 14:04 Coronavirus update 💬 USA TO CAMBODIA | The president of the United States, Donald Trump, the World Health Organization ( WHO ) and the World Tourism Organization ( UNWTO ) have thanked the Government of Cambodia for allowing the cruise ship rejected by several countries to disembark in one of its ports for fear of Coronavirus COVID -19. 

At the same time, the last passengers are expected to leave the ship between today and tomorrow. 13:56 There were 2,666 passengers and 1,045 crew onboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship when it was quarantined

Still, those with the coronavirus have been gradually evacuated to hospitals throughout Japan. 13:52 The American plane will arrive in Japan on Sunday night. Passengers will be examined for coronavirus symptoms and then taken by bus to the aircraft. "We are working with our Japanese allies to ensure that symptomatic passengers receive the necessary attention in Japan if they cannot board the flight," according to the Embassy.

13:48 "However, to fulfill the responsibilities of our government with US citizens under our rules and practices, as well as to reduce the burden on the Japanese health system, the US Government recommends, as a precaution, that citizens Americans disembark and return to the United States for further follow-up, "according to the note collected by the Washington Post

13:44 "We are deeply grateful to the cruise line and the government of Japan for working so diligently to contain and control the spread of the coronavirus, " according to a statement from the US Embassy. 

13:40 The United States Government has issued an evacuation order for the more than 400 American passengers on the Diamond Princess cruise ship now under quarantine for the coronavirus in the Japanese port of Yokohama, to complete another 14 days of isolation in their country. 

13:36 In the same statement, the Ministry has confirmed that a total of 12 passengers, all elderly, have been evacuated from the Diamond Princess cruise. 13:32 Of the 285 people infected on the Diamond Princess cruise, 137 are Japanese. The rest are from about twenty countries. By age, there are 113 people of 70 years infected, 52 people of 60 years, 50 people of 80 years, 25 people of 50 years, 16 people of 40 years, 13 of 30 years, 14 of 20 years, and 2 of 90 years.

13:32 Of the 285 people infected on the Diamond Princess cruise ship, 137 are Japanese. The rest are from about twenty countries. By age, there are 113 people of 70 years infected, 52 people of 60 years, 50 people of 80 years, 25 people of 50 years, 16 people of 40 years, 13 of 30 years, 14 of 20 years, and 2 of 90 years. 

13:28 The Ministry of Health of Japan has confirmed 67 more cases of coronavirus on the Diamond Princess cruise ship, the biggest point of the outbreak in China, and there are 285 verified cases of the disease, according to a statement issued by the ship's captain and collected by the Japanese chain NHK. 

13:24 AP JAPAN | Japan confirms 67 more cases of coronavirus on the Diamond Princess cruise, until 285. 13:20 Although China is the epicenter of the outbreak and the most affected country, and the coronavirus has already spread to other countries in Southeast Asia. 

It has also been detected cases in Europe, Africa America. 13:16 Chinese health authorities have confirmed on Friday 2,641 new cases of coronavirus and another 143 deaths, of which 139 were in Hubei province, where Wuhan is located, the city of origin of the epidemic, two in Henan, one in Beijing and another in Chongqing.

13:12 ☠️ The outbreak of the coronavirus has already left 1,523 dead and 66,492 affected in China. 13:08 The deceased in Paris, 80 years old, came from the province of Hubei, in central China, and the epicenter of the coronavirus, announced the minister, Agnès Buzyn. 13:04 Coronavirus update 📌 FRANCE | The French Ministry of Health has confirmed this Saturday the first death by ca coronavirus in Europe, after the death of a Chinese tourist suffering from the disease in a hospital in Paris. 

13:00 MALAYSIA | The Malaysian Government, has reported two new cases of coronavirus, so there are already 21 patients diagnosed. The two new cases are of two people of Chinese nationality. 12:55 PROVISIONS | This organization will also send a ton of protective equipment to  St. John Ambulance in Hong Kong.

12:50 PROVISIONS | Doctors Without Borders will send specialized material to Wuhan, the city where the Covid-19 outbreak originated. In total, three and a half tons of equipment will be sent to the Jinyintan hospital. 

12:45 THAILAND | Thai doctor who was fighting against the coronavirus, has been infected, as reported by health authorities in Thailand. With this, there are already 34 confirmed cases. 

12:40 MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS | Some Chinese companies, much smaller and less known, was among those who would have refused to participate in the MWC for fear of the coronavirus, Hoffman said. 12:35 MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS | Hoffman has commented that the decision to cancel the MWC for fear of the coronavirus was very complicated: "It is not that we wanted to take it because we wanted the MWC to be celebrated, but it was impossible." 

12:30 MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS | John Hoffman, CEO of the GSMA, has assured in several interviews in Catalan newspapers that MWC 2021   It will begin to prepare from this next Monday.

12:25 SPAIN | The team of sports professionals plans to return to Wuhan when normality is restored with the coronavirus: "The project takes five years, is consolidated and we have the word of the company." 

12:20 SPAIN | The point of most tensions for the group of Spaniards came at the time of repatriation. Vela calls it "an odyssey" since there was no means of transportation, and it took eleven hours to make a 20-minute journey. 12:15 SPAIN | The first warnings were precautionary: avoid crowds, do not go outside, or approach animals. For Vela, everything was quite far away: "We lived in urbanization, we kept the advice they had given us, and we felt away from possible contagion." 

12:11 SPAIN | The football coach, said that everything was "relatively calm" because "it was not a borderline situation." Of course, it was not "a pleasant situation" because of the limited freedom of movement. 12:06 SPAIN | Manuel Vela, one of the 19 repatriated Spaniards of Wuhan, explained in Europa Press how he lived the first days of the coronavirus in the city where the disease originated.

12:00 DIAMOND PRINCESS | Katsunobu Kato, Japanese Health Minister, has reported that 67 more cases of coronavirus have been detected aboard the cruise. In this sense, there are already 286 people infected in total. 

 11:54 SPAIN | Even so, the number of Chinese students confined in their homes by responsibility is low compared to the total number of Chinese students enrolled in Spanish universities, which is around 16,000, according to the Embassy itself. 

11:48 SPAIN | From the Chinese Embassy, they have also recommended that they avoid any unnecessary departure and always wear a mask sanitary until the 14 days of incubation of the coronavirus last. 11:42 SPAIN | This measure is a recommendation of the Chinese Embassy in Spain after many of these students have returned from China after celebrating the Chinese New Year with their families. 

11:36 SPAIN | It is estimated that 200 Chinese students enrolled in Spanish universities would be making voluntary quarantine as a preventive measure to avoid infecting the coronavirus, if infected, after returning from their country.

11:30 DEAD | This is the fourth death by Covid-19 that is recorded outside the borders of China; However, it is the first in Europe

The other three have been in Japan, the Philippines, and Hong Kong. 11:25 FRANCE | This is an 80-year-old Chinese woman who arrived in France on January 16 from the province of Hubei, where the coronavirus originated. On January 25, it was quarantined. 11:20 FRANCE | The death of the Chinese tourist in France, after two weeks fighting against Covid-19, it means the first fatality due to coronavirus outside the Asian continent. 

11:15 LAST HOUR | First death by a coronavirus in EuropeFrance has confirmed the death of an 80-year-old Chinese tourist hospitalized in Paris, as confirmed by  Agnès Buzyn, Minister of Health Gala. 11:10 CHINA | The  National Health Commission of China has imposed new travel restrictions today by road, train, and plane against people who have a cough or fever.

11:05 CHINA | The intentional concealment of a case of coronavirus could be punished by the death penalty, as published in the Beijing Daily. 11:00 FIGURES |  According to the Chinese Ministry of Health, there have also been 2,277 new suspected cases of Covid-19, and 849 patients were in serious condition. In contrast, 1,373 people have been discharged from the hospital after recovering from the virus. 

10:55 Coronavirus update FIGURES | China's health authorities 2,641 new cases and 143 other deaths were confirmed on Friday. Of all of them, 139 were in Hubei province, where Wuhan is located.

10:50 FIGURES | The Ministry of Health of China has today raised the balance of the outbreak of coronavirus originating in the city of Wuhan to 1,523 dead and 66,492 infected. 10:45 CDC | The  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States have been waiting for a response from the Chinese Government for weeks to send their experts to China to work together with the group of experts of the WHO.

10:40 WHO | dozen experts will review the data and conduct field studies in several Chinese provinces to determine what steps should be taken in China and the rest of the world to fight the coronavirus

10:35 WHO | The expert commission of the World Health Organization will arrive this weekend in China to work together with the Chinese health authorities in the fight against Covid-19. 10:30 DIAMOND PRINCESS | The crew of the Diamond Princess It is being treated under a protocol different from that of passengers. Once the vessel has been completely evicted, it will be the workers who have to go through a normal coronavirus quarantine. 

10:25 DIAMOND PRINCESS | Swartz has reported that the Government of Japan will conduct a new coronavirus test on February 18. Depending on the results, the landing could be delayed again. 10:20 DIAMOND PRINCESS | Jan Swartz, president of Princess Cruises, has sent a letter to the passengers of the Diamond Princess in which he informs them that the landing will begin on February 21.

10:15 CHINA | The top Chinese president, said that a biosafety law should be promoted because the Chinese system is not enough to fight against such diseases: "We are not sufficiently prepared for a catastrophe, risk studies, research, and research are not being implemented in-depth management for emergencies of this type. 

10:10 CHINA | Jinping requested a review of laws on the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases such as Covid-19, as well as the legislation on the protection of wildlife and wild animals in the Asian giant. 10:05 CHINA | Xi Jinping, President of China, yesterday criticized the system response to health emergencies in China and called for its revision to fight coronavirus in a much more efficient. 10:00 DIAMOND PRINCESS | There is a possibility that American passengers refuse to board the plane that will bring them back to the United States. In that case, those who decide to stay in Japan voluntarily to be a relative infected with coronavirus may not enter the United States for a while.

09:55 DIAMOND PRINCESS | The plane to be transported to the US expedition will arrive tomorrow night. Before boarding the airplane, they will be examined for symptoms, and it is not ruled out that there is a passenger with a coronavirus that should stay in Japan.
09:50 DIAMOND PRINCESS | The United States Government has ordered that the 400 American passengers evacuated from the Diamond Princess, the quarantine cruise in Yokohama, to be quarantined by Covid-19 on American soil. 09:45 DISNEYLAND | The facilities of the Disneyland amusement park in Hong Kong could end up being quarantine facilities to contain the coronavirus in British colonial. 

 09:40 CHINA | The number of health professionals destined for Wuhan It would be even greater if the medical personnel sent by the Chinese Army and who do not enter this data were counted. 09:35 CHINA | Wang Hesheng, deputy director of the Ministry of Health, explained by videoconference that the response to the coronavirus in total workers has already surpassed that of the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008. 

Also, it has been done faster. 09:30 CHINA | The Ministry of Health of China has assigned more than 25,500 health workers to combat the outbreak of the coronavirus in Hubei Province. Covid-19.

09:25 WHO | The WHO is very concerned about the mortality data and spread of coronavirus among health that must heal and treat the sick. Tedros has commented that "they are the glue" and that WHO "needs to know more about this figure and the circumstances in which professionals have been infected." 

09:20 WHO | Tedros has assured that WHO continues in constant cooperation and coordination with different countries affected by the coronavirus to expand its health capacity. 09:15 WHO | One of the problems that WHO is dealing with It is the similarity of the coronavirus with the normal flu, which makes it difficult for the data of both contagious diseases not to be mixed. 

 09:10 WHO | Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, general director of the WHO, had guaranteed that countries are better prepared to fight against the coronavirus than a few weeks ago when the outbreak began to show its effects. 09:05 WHO Coronavirus update | The World Health Organization, has insisted on the dogma that has been repeating since Covid-19 was known: the coronavirus must generate solidarity and not stigma. 

09:00 LA GOMERA | The German patient who had been diagnosed with coronavirus and who was in quarantine in La Gomera, has been discharged along with the rest of his companions after having tested negative. 

08:55 UNITED STATES | Coronavirus experts, without denying it completely, have removed iron from this theory and have assured that it is still too early to know how Covid-19 will behave. 08:50 UNITED STATES | Donald Trump, this time at a press conference, has also given some credibility to the theory that indicates that the coronavirus it will die on its own when the temperature rise of spring comes.

08:45 UNITED STATES | President Trump has labeled Cambodia a "beautiful country." It has ensured that the United States "will not forget this courtesy show." 08:40 UNITED STATES | Donald Trump, president of the United States, has used Twitter to thank Cambodia for accepting the Westerdam cruise, without any cases of coronavirus on board, after five ports had rejected it.

08:35 FRANCE | The expedition of French evacuees from Wuhan have left their quarantine at a tourist center in France after spending 14 days isolated by the coronavirus. 08:30 CHINA | In this way, the Chinese Government intends to silence the numerous criticisms that have been raised around the world in the management of the coronavirus crisis in China

08:25 CHINA | No one can refuse to carry out this two-week quarantine period. In the case of someone offering resistance, he will be arrested and brought before the Chinese justice

 08:20 CHINA Coronavirus update | This measure aims to fight with the coronavirus and its easy contagion. This quarantine will be carried out in health centers or their own homes, in case the citizens themselves return to Beijing. 08:15 CHINA | As reported by the Chinese newspaper, The People's Dail and the Asian giant have imposed a quarantine of 14 days for all those who arrive in Beijing.

08:10 EGYPT | The patient, still does not have the typical symptoms of the coronavirus but has tested positive after testing. The patient is already in quarantine, and the WHO has coordinated the case together with the Egyptian authorities. 08:05 EGYPT | Jaled Megahed, spokesman for the  Ministry of Health, announced yesterday that the African country has the first case of coronavirus. It is a foreign person whose nationality is unknown, and who has been in Egypt for a short time. 

08:00 MALLORCA | The great news in Spanish code is that the second case of coronavirus Confirmed is no longer such. Yesterday the British patient diagnosed with Covid-19 was discharged after giving a negative test in the second test. 07:57 MORTAL VICTIMS |  This represents that the highest number of deaths recorded in Hubei is much lower than the 242 that has been reached in a single day, a record so far. 

The cases of contagion have also decreased.
07:53 MORTAL VICTIMS |  In the province of Hubei, where the coronavirus outbreak originated, 1,457 deaths and a total of 54,406 infections have been recorded.

07:49 MORTAL VICTIMS |  The  Covid-19  has left 1,384 fatalities throughout the whole world there are 64,467 confirmed coronaviruses in 29 countries. 

07:45 Coronavirus: Last-minute on the virus in Spain, China, and WHO, live |  Good Morning! Welcome to the live monitoring of the progress of the coronavirus that originated in Wuhan and is expanding in different parts of the world and affecting  Spain

2:00 The cruise Diamond Princess He began his quarantine on February 5 and, in principle, should end on the 19th. Still, the certainty of the deadline has become more diffuse, as new cases of coronavirus on board have expanded after the first infection of a passenger was found, which landed in Hong Kong.

Coronavirus update (2/15/20, 10:41 PM) Finish.