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83 coronavirus quarantine patients released from Arrowe Park isolation, returning from China.

Eighty-three patients rescued from Wuhan, affected by the coronavirus, are being released from Arrowe Park after two weeks of isolation.

Coronavirus Quarantine arrowe park released 1.
Coronavirus Quarantine arrowe park released.

⬛ British Matt Raw hits the air when he leaves the quarantine after everything clears up from the coronavirus. Credit: PA: Press Association

Coronavirus Quarantine arrowe park released 2.

A coach who transports the first evacuees of the British Coronavirus leaves Arrowe Park Hospital when patients leave the quarantine Credit: Getty Images - Getty

The group has now been negative for the virus and will now be able to return home after two weeks of quarantine.

And a British patient, Matt Raw, hit the air when he left quarantine after 14 days trapped in isolation.

The 38-year-old man from Knutsford, Cheshire, shouted: "We are free and the sun shines."

He added: "A little fresh air and very, very, very happy that the 83 of us have tested negative for the virus and I suppose that we will now return to business as usual.

"It's absolutely lovely to be outside and I will definitely go out for a pint later."

He added: "It has not been so bad because they have looked after us so excellently.

"The wonderful, wonderful staff of the NHS have really done everything possible to make us feel as comfortable as possible."

"We are not prisoners. They are trying to make us feel that, in any case, we are only on vacation for a couple of weeks, maybe without the pool."

Other patients greeted and made signs of peace when they left the facility today.

Coronavirus Quarantine arrowe park released 3.

Two buses leave the hospital and remove the British in quarantine isolation. Credit: © AndyKelvin / Kelvin Media

Coronavirus Quarantine arrowe park released 4.

Passengers greet and smile while being taken out of quarantine

Coronavirus Quarantine arrowe park released 5.

You could see a balloon in one of the trainers. Credit: © AndyKelvin / Kelvin Media

Coronavirus Quarantine arrowe park released 6.

A woman smiles and greets after receiving all the coronavirus clearing Credit: Mercury Press

During their quarantine time, one of the groups had threatened to escape from the isolation unit, which caused the Government to announce new legal powers that would allow people with the disease to be quarantined and forcibly sent if it was considered a threat.

It was also confirmed that the 118 patients still in quarantine in Milton Keynes tested negative for coronaviruses.

Sir Simon Stevens, executive director of the NHS, praised the British for being "highly responsible and pragmatic" during the quarantine.

He said today: "They have given an important example, recognizing that in the coming weeks many more of us will have to isolate ourselves at home for a period to reduce the spread of this virus."

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said that those in quarantine had been given a clean health statement and that people "can rest assured that their departure presents no risk to the public."

It occurs after the first case of coronavirus in London was confirmed yesterday when the number of UK patients increased to nine.

The last patient, who is believed to be a woman, is being treated at the Guy and St Thomas Hospital in London.

It is understood that he has flown to the capital from China before testing positive for the error, now known as the Covid-19 virus .

Nine people are being treated for the killer virus in the United Kingdom as the overall death toll rises to more than 1,115.

And the release of the evacuated group comes a day after Steve Walsh, the businessman at the center of the coronavirus outbreak in the United Kingdom, received authorization and was discharged from the hospital.

Walsh, a 53-year-old Hove scout leader in East Sussex, contracted coronavirus on a business trip to Singapore, and is linked to five others diagnosed with him in the United Kingdom.

Of the nine people so far diagnosed with coronavirus in the United Kingdom, two are GPs.

Officials know that the couple worked in a nursing home, in Worthing Hospital A&E and in two medical offices among them.

Public Health England (PHE) confirmed Wednesday that it has tracked and advised all close contacts of the two GPs, including about 12 patients.

Meanwhile, in Brighton, students from various schools were told they could stay home after reports that some teachers and families feared they had contact with the virus.

The Department of Education has issued advice to schools to follow the instructions given by PHE regarding self-isolation for people who have recently traveled from Wuhan or specific countries.